West Side Story Banned in Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Nations Over Transgender Character: 보고서

West Side Story Banned in Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Nations Over Transgender Character: 보고서

스티븐 스필버그'NS 웨스트 사이드 스토리 will not be dancing into theaters in the Gulf countries overseas.

The musical adaptation, which is out Friday, has been banned in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, 카타르, Oman or Kuwait, ~에 따르면 할리우드 리포터.

The outlet reported the film wasn’t granted a release certificate in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, while the UAE, Qatar and Oman requested cuts from the film that Disney refused to make.

The decision to ban the film was due to the transgender character of Anybodys, played by non-binary actor Iris Menas, THR 보고. (Homosexuality and LGBTQ rights are outlawed in those countries.)

Marvel’s 이터널스 was also banned from the Gulf countries for featuring the MCU’s first gay superhero Phastos (브라이언 타이리 헨리) and the kiss he shares with his husband Ben (played by Haaz Sleiman).

Spielberg’s reimagining of the classic Broadway musical comes 60 years after the 1961 film debuted in theaters.


신용 거래: Niko Tavernise/20th Century Studios

The new adaptation stars 해밀턴’NS 아리아나 드보스 as Anita, 새로 온 사람 레이첼 제글러 as Maria, 안셀 엘고트 as Tony and David Alvarez as Bernardo.

리타 모레노, who starred in the 1961 권위 있는, also makes a return to the musical in the new role of Valentina, a store owner who offers Tony work after he attempts to rebuild his life following a prison stint.

8 월, Zegler told 도시 & 국가 the Spielberg film wasn’ttrying to recreate, frame for frame, NS 1961 movie.

스토리를 놓치지 마세요. PEOPLE의 무료 일간 뉴스레터 PEOPLE이 제공하는 최고의 최신 정보를 유지하기 위해, 흥미진진한 유명인 뉴스부터 흥미진진한 스토리까지.

That film exists as this incredible piece of pop culture that everyone has seen and been affected by in some way. I don’t think any of us would ever try to recreate that,” said Zegler, 20. “There are things to improve on and things to address. It’s such a cultural phenomenon, that film and the musical in general.

I think the way Steven and [시나리오 작가] 토니 [Kushner] framed it to all of us when we were auditioning, when we were rehearsing, when we were shooting, ~였다, ‘We are making a movie of the original Broadway musical. This is our take on a story that every-one has heard, and knows so well, and really loves,'” 그녀는 회상했다.

The film also stars Mike Faist, 매디 지글러, Myles Erlikc, Kyle Allen, Ezra Menas and Brian d’Arcy James.