View Co-Hosts React to Dr. Oz Senate Campaign: ‘He’s Gone Over To the Dark Side

View Co-Hosts React to Dr. Oz Senate Campaign: 'He's Gone Over To the Dark Side'

하는 동안 보기 co-hosts don’t always agree on their topics of discussion, the panel was near-unanimous in their criticism of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s recently-announced run for Senate in Pennsylvania on Wednesday’s show.

What happened to him?” 조이 베하르 물었다, after a clip of Oz’s Tuesday night appearance on Fox News was shown. “What happened to him? He’s gone over to the dark side. Oh my god.

Elsewhere in the segment, Behar noted that she is friends with Oz, 그를 부르다 “매우, 매우, 몸소, a doll,” and saying she had been to his house for dinner.

This is some political aspiration that he has that must be controlled,” Behar continued. “Mehmet, 제발, come back.

우피 골드버그, 그 동안에, took issue with Oz’s campaign announcement in 워싱턴 심사관, in which he criticized the lockdowns and mandates enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elites with yards told those without yards to stay inside, where the virus was more likely to spread,” Oz wrote. “And the arrogant, closed-minded people in charge closed our parks, shuttered our schools, shut down our businesses, and took away our freedom.

You don’t have the right to talk to people like this,” Goldberg said in response. “Talking about elites and who isn’t elite — dude, we live in a similar area!”

Co-host 사라 헤인즈 also criticized the reference toelites,” 속담, “He keeps speaking of and pushing back against elites, but I’m curious what his definition is, as a New York City doctor — what’s an elite if you aren’t an elite? Like who are you pushing back on?”

스토리를 놓치지 마세요. PEOPLE의 무료 일간 뉴스레터 PEOPLE이 제공하는 최고의 최신 정보를 유지하기 위해, 흥미진진한 유명인 뉴스부터 흥미진진한 스토리까지.

The cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality has already raised eyebrows for his Republican run for Senate in Pennsylvania, with many questioning his ties to the area, considering he has lived and worked in New Jersey for decades.

Oz began voting in Pennsylvania’s elections via absentee ballot earlier this year, 그의 펜실베니아 등록은 그의 시댁 소유 주소와 연결되어 있습니다., AP 보고서.

Behar noted the discrepancy on Wednesday’s show, 속담, “Why is he running in Pennsylvania when he lives in New Jersey?”

박사. 온스 officially announced that he is running for Senate 화요일, writing in 워싱턴 심사관 his campaign is meant “문제를 해결하고 치유하는 데 도움이 됩니다.”

The Pennsylvania Senate seat Oz is eyeing is currently held by Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who won’t be running for re-election after serving in the Senate since 2011.

The leading Republican candidate seeking to fill Toomey’s seat — Trump-endorsed Army veteran Sean Parnell — suspended his campaign last week after losing a custody battle amid allegations of abuse by his estranged wife.