Today’s Craig Melvin Gets Sweet Family Hug Before Leaving for Winter Olympics: ‘Miss You Already

Today's Craig Melvin Gets Sweet Family Hug Before Leaving for Winter Olympics: 'Miss You Already'

クレイグ・メルヴィン got the sweetest Olympic send-off.

金曜日に, 42歳 今日 co-host left home for the 冬季オリンピック 北京で, where he will be covering the Games on the ground. Before taking off, Melvin said his goodbyes to wife Lindsay Czarniak とその2人の子供, 息子 Delano, 7, と娘 Sybil, 5.

Czarniak, 44, shared photos to Instagram of the family’s group hug. Melvin is all smiles in the snaps, holding his kids as his wife kisses his cheek.

A little behind the scenes of our morning,” Czarniak captioned the 役職. “Grateful for the unexpected snow day. For us it meant extra hugs and a chance to actually send daddy off on his Olympic adventure instead of him having to send the kids to school. We miss you already @craigmelvinnbc but can’t wait to watch! #家族 #愛 #olympics#スポーツ.”

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craig melvin

craig melvin
クレジット: Lindsay Czarniak/Instagram

The mom of two — who is covering the Winter Games from home on USAネットワーク — recently spoke to PEOPLE about her and Melvin’s dynamic as she hosts from the East Coast while he’s overseas.

The time difference is going to be really strange,” Czarniak noted of plans to keep in touch with Melvin while the Games take place. “And to be honest with you, we’ve got to put some more thinking into how we’re going to do that.

While she said that her dynamic with her husband of over a decade issimilar to probably what a lot of other couples have,” Czarniak told PEOPLE the pair are able to relate and work off of one another in a professional manner as well, given that they both are in the same industry.

We make it work and it’s been very, very helpful to have someone who understands crazy hours and all that kind of thing,” 彼女は言いました.

craig melvin

craig melvin
クレジット: Lindsay Czarniak/Instagram

The couple was previously able to make it work this past summer when Melvin was in Tokyo covering the 夏季オリンピック. 当時の, he told his 今日 co-hosts that he was keeping in touch with his wife and kids via FaceTime.

It’s actually worked out okay,” Melvin said in July. “We’re polar opposites. I’m able to talk to my kids right after the show [which was filmed at night in Japan, morning in New York]. They’re having breakfast. Right after them, I can spend some time talking to my wife and eight hours later, I can do it again. So it’s been hard, but thank God for FaceTime.

Melvin added that he’d been showing off the stunning view of the Tokyo Bay from his room during those FaceTimes and was happy to report ithasn’t gotten old to them in three days.