The Voice’s Morgan Myles Dedicates Semifinals Performance to Late Cousin Who Died of Brain Cancer

Morgan Myles brought all the feels with her ボイス semifinals performance.

During the live show on Monday night, the 35-year-old Nashville singer performed an emotional rendition of Lady Gaga’s バラード “Always Remember Us This Way” から アリー/スター誕生 in dedication to her late cousin Mac who died of glioblastoma (an aggressive form of brain cancer) 歳の時に 33 12月中 2019.

We were thick as thieves, me and Mac,” Myles told PEOPLE over Zoom after her performance. “So it just was a lot, ほら? When you lose people like that, it changes the dynamic of your family forever, and it’s a struggle. It still burns that hole in our hearts.

Myles — who is on coach Camila Cabello’s team — said that she chose to performAlways Remember Us This Wayin honor of Mac since itso beautifully describes what I hope our family focuses on: the good times.

Despite the heavy subject matter, Myles impressively kept her composure until the end of the performance. She credited being able to do so considering she had already sang at her cousin’s funeral three years ago.

That was probably good practice,” 彼女は言いました. “I remember staring at the stained glass in the church, just being like, ‘I am in another world. I’m just gonna sing and get through it.'

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先立って , Myles released her album Therapy NS 2020, and she said Mac islacedall throughout the songs on it.

I must have written 70 songs in five-and-a-half months about Mac,” 彼女は言いました. “There’s a song called ‘I Believeon my record, and I wrote that the day he went into end-of-life [ケア]. I was a mess. まるで, 'わかった, みんな, さあ行こう. It’s gonna get worse from here.’ ほら? ‘I ‘Believeis just a really special song, and he fought the good fight.

彼女と ボイス performance — which left her mom visibly in tears in the audience — and her music, Myles said she hopes people will feel lessalone.

I ultimately just wanna be a vessel,” 彼女は言いました. “I feel like God gave me a gift and that it’s for me to deliver that feeling that we’re not alone in the struggles of life. I want people to feel like they can get through [なんでも].”

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