The Roots Bassist Leonard ‘HubHubbard Dies of Cancer at 62: ‘Rest in Melody

The Roots Bassist Leonard 'Hub' Hubbard Dies of Cancer at 62: 'Rest in Melody'

Leonard Hubbard, known lovingly asHub,” died at 62 di giovedì.

The news of the former longtime bassist for The Rootsdeath was shared on the band’s Twitter account as the group paid tribute to Hubbard.

It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we say goodbye to our brother Leonard Nelson Hubbard,” il post letto. “May your transition bring peace to your family to your friends to your fans and all of those who loved you.

ha continuato, “Rest in Melody Hub.

Stephanie Hubbard, sua moglie, detto ABC 6 on Thursday that his death was related to the form of blood cancer he was diagnosed with in 2007. Ha anche detto The Philadelphia Inquirer that he was in remission until last month, and on Wednesday night, the musician was suddenly immobile, despite feeling energetic days before.

When she took him to the hospital, she was unable to stay with him due to COVID restrictions — and received the news of his passing the following day.

I was called to the hospital. They told me what had happened that he had passed. I went to the hospital and was able to sit with him,” Stephanie told ABC6.

Leonard was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2007 and shortly after stopped touring with the band. He underwent two rounds of chemo.

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Stephanie also said to The Philadelphia Inquirer that Leonard wanted to focus on his work as a composer following his diagnosis. He eventually put together an album of recordings of songs he wrote music for, for musicians including Ben Harper, Jill Scott and JeffTainWatts, which he completed just last week.

He wanted to be known for the type of music he was composing,” lei disse. “And before he died, he was sitting there at night listening to the music, and he was so happy with it.

The project is titled The Awakening, Stephanie said.

When you hear his project, you’ll see he was so much more than what people know,” she told ABC6.

Leonard was a founding member of The Roots alongside TariqBlack ThoughtTrotter and AhmirQuest'amore” Thompson. He recorded seven albums with the band, originally called the Square Roots. Their debut album, Organix, was released in 1993.

Despite his exit from the band in 2007, he reunited with The Roots in 2008 at the Roots Picnic for a performance ofMellow My Man,” and again in 2010 when the band joined John Legend onstage.

In 2016, però, lui intentato una causa against some of The Rootsmembers alleging he was owed money as a founding shareholder of the band. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Leonard grew up in Philadelphia and began playing bass in the fourth grade. He was inspired by his older brother’s John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix albums. He also studied classical piano at Settlement Music School. In 2007, Leonard told The Philadelphia Inquirer Quello “it was a neighborhood full of musicians.

Every Saturday, people would be outside with the congas and the drums on the front stoops,” lui detto all'epoca.

He then went on to study classical upright bass at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg.

His death follows after Malik Abdul Basit, a fellow founding member of the band, largely known as Malik B., che è morto a luglio 2020.