The Home Edit’s Clea Shearer Is Cancer Free! The Netflix Star Opens Up: ‘It’s a Very Weird Feeling

The Home Edit’s Clea Shearer is celebrating being cancer free.

In a sneak peak of Friday’s episode of the Mostra Tamron Hall, the celebrity home organizer and Netflix star opens up about what it was like finding out the good news after a harrowing breast cancer battle.

I am cancer free,” Shearer tells host Tamron Hall — and a cheering audience — in the clip. Her best friend and business partner Joanna Teplin is sitting next to her, sorridente.

sala, 52, asks Shearer what it was like, after all her treatments, to hear the news. “It was extremely emotional,” lei condivide. “I spent the whole day just living with that emotion.

The mom of two continues: “I had a friend warn me – she’s a few weeks ahead of me — she said, ‘Just so you know, when you reach the end of treatment, you’re going to feel a little bit like you’re in the middle of the earth. Because all of the thoughts that you had day in and day out, you don’t have to have them anymore. You don’t have be at doctors everyday. You don’t have to do all that, so you’re going to feel a little helpless.'



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Shearer says that her friend was right. “I had a little bit of that feeling waking up, it’s a very weird feeling. You grow attached to the process that you’re in and committed to this process.

She then turns to her Teplin and says, with a chuckle, “I called Joanna, Ed ero tipo, can we do something? Can you come pick me up?”

The star of Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit concludes, “Sai, It’s like all of a sudden you’ve dedicated your life to getting through something.

The Home Edit's Clea Shearer Celebrates Finishing Chemo

The Home Edit's Clea Shearer Celebrates Finishing Chemo

Clea Shearer/instagram

Shearer revealed to PEOPLE in April 2022 Quello she was diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma, una forma aggressiva di cancro al seno and first announced she was cancer free on social media in November.

I’m done! Today marks my journey from cancer patient, to cancer SURVIVOR. I haven’t stopped crying since I was able to ring the bell,” she wrote to more than 6 milioni di follower su Instagram.

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Notando che she was first diagnosed with the illness a marzo 8, she shared shewent into surgery for my double mastectomy” il mese successivo, aggiungendo che lei era “unsure what my treatment plan would be.

I woke up after 9 hours of surgery to find out the cancer had made it’s way into my lymph nodes, which would mean chemo and radiation were a necessity… As I was trying to digest that information, 7 giorni dopo, I had to go back into surgery for necrosis (my skin was not going to make it). But after my second surgery I started healing really well and made it through with flying colors,” lei spiegò. thehomeedit Verified Another breast cancer milestone… John shaved my head, my friends held my hand, and I shed a few tears. in avanti. 💗Clea thehomeedit Verified Another breast cancer milestone… John shaved my head, my friends held my hand, and I shed a few tears. in avanti. 💗Clea

Clea Sherer/Instagram

Detailing the next step of her journey, lei ha continuato, “6 weeks after surgery I started chemotherapy – 8 weeks of AC followed by 12 weeks of Taxol.

I had some really rough days, but shockingly, I had some good days too! Shout out to reclining chairs, Top Chef, and Zofran. I wrapped up chemo on Sept 8th which was 6 weeks early, but my body wasn’t producing white blood cells anymore and the long term damage wasn’t worth the extra treatments,” lei disse.

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Shearer lanciato the Clea Shearer Breast Cancer Research Fund in June.

The fund is part of the larger V Foundation (short for Victory Over Cancer), which was founded by legendary basketball coach and broadcaster Jim Valvano. One hundred percent of direct donations to the foundation benefit cancer research and programs thanks to an endowment that covers operating costs.

Un altro obiettivo del fondo è “per aumentare la consapevolezza sull'auto-rilevamento, diagnosi precoce, e assicurarsi che le donne abbiano accesso alle proiezioni ovunque vivano e ogni volta che ne hanno bisogno,” Shearer told PEOPLE at the time. “È ciò che mi ha salvato la vita e tutto ciò che possiamo fare collettivamente - e qualunque cosa io possa fare individualmente - per spingerlo avanti con ogni grammo del mio essere, lo farò. Questa è una missione e un viaggio in cui rimarrò per sempre e qualunque sia il piccolo impatto che posso avere, Voglio farcela.”