Uomo del Texas che vive con 13 Golden Retriever dà una sbirciatina alla vita: 'La felicità è un eufemismo’

Everything is golden at this Texas household.

A devoted dog owner with 13 golden retrievers offered a peek into their adorably chaotic life on social media.

According to SWNS, Collin Standon ended up with a baker’s dozen of golden retrievers after falling in love with a pack of puppies. Standon, 24, already had three of the breed when two of his goldens, Chloe and Sam, had a litter of nine puppies. With room to spare and not wanting to split up his cherished pets and their pups, Standon decided to keep all the dogs.

Not content with 12 golden retrievers, Standon later adopted lucky 13 from a shelter after learning about a golden retriever named Buddy, who was on the facility’s euthanasia list.

Standon now has 13 fully-grown dogs, which include Buddy, Chloe, Sam, Chloe’s sister Emma and the nine pups; Roccioso, Moose, Raider, cowboy, Pumpkin, Luce del sole, Missy, Angelo, and Callie.

12 golden retrievers

12 golden retrievers


Feeding the whole gang is hard work in itself. The golden retrievers gobble up nine pounds of dog food daily, adding up to 10 40-pound bags of pet food a month to feed the canines everything they need.

Challenges would be maintaining them; being golden retrievers, they come with lots of upkeep,” Standon told SWNS about the downside of caring for so many dogs.

Despite the costs and struggles that come with shepherding 13 large canines through life, Standon is happy to have all of the dogs living at his Dallas abode.

It’s not like anything you’d ever imagine; happiness is an understatement,” Egli ha detto.