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Rachael Ray mostra le decorazioni natalizie per la casa 2 Anni dopo aver danneggiato il fuoco: “Stiamo lentamente ricostruendo’

Rachael Ray‘s home is holiday ready!

On Monday’s installment of Lo spettacolo di Rachael Ray, the celebrity chef takes fans into her New York home to see her fabulous festive decor.

She points out that the special occasion marksour second Christmas backafter her and her husband John Cusimano’s home burned down to the ground in August 2020.

We’re slowly rebuilding, ragazzi. And we wanted to give you a little tour of what we did this year with the help of several elves and our dear friends, Peter and Susan [di] Finishing Touches,” Ray says.

rachael ray christmas tree

rachael ray christmas tree

courtesy rachael ray

She begins the tour by showing a life-size Scandinavian sleigh that she saysactually survived the fire.It also holds decorations and doubles as a wedding sleigh.

Can you imagine how small the couple had to be? The size of this sleigh is like a cradle,” she jokes.

The grand entrance of her home invites Christmas cheer with greenery around the border with a white-frosted twinkling Christmas tree sitting in front.

Una volta dentro, Ray shows off anotherweird survivor of the fire”: un “amicizia” bench.

Because it was against the wall, sorprendentemente, it survived,” lei spiega.

An area that was once a large, empty space after the fire has been transformed into a dining room with a welcoming table, adding luxury with a chandelier. A nearby fireplace is decorated with colored glass bulbs, and the windows are bordered with gorgeousfabricatedsugared fruit, a gesture Ray says isbringing my childhood back to lifeand reminds her of her late grandfather.

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Il “rebuilt living roomcauses Ray to reflect on her time as a night owl as a child as it touts a large owl statue and a frosted owl tree.

Ray also displays benches that are made out ofsome of the wood from our destroyed home,” lei spiega.

A motorized raccoon named Stanley is then seen wagging his tail as he’s topped with greenery as well.

Ray then takes viewers to thelittle house,” formerly her family’s guest house, where she and her husband lived for over two years. Multiple trees are spread throughout the home with bonbons and caviar eloquently hanging from them.

She also shows fans what used to be the garage and sled that is now a traditional-style living room thatlooks quite festive now.

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The living area, which was the family’s main living room after their house fire, touts mini Christmas trees, adding holiday flair with white and green garland above three small high windows.

Ray ends by showing the place her family now spends Christmas after COVID-19 and their home fire: the back porch, featuring a quaint farmhouse bench topped with ferns, greenery, and candles.

This is where we could sit at a distance and have little space heaters on all during the pandemic. So for the last three years, veramente, this has become our tradition,” says Ray.

Though their house is now complete, they plan on spending Christmas on the back porch again, a place Ray says is an easy favorite.