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Andy Cohen Says He’s Had a ‘Total Shift in PrioritySince Becoming a Dad of Two

Andy Cohen and children

Andy Cohen and children

foto: Andy Cohen/Instagram

Andy Cohen says his priorities havetotally changedsince becoming a parent.

While speaking with PEOPLE about ByHeart’s Feed Fest, a virtual summit that features panels and masterclasses aimed to empower new parents, a estrela bravo, 54, shares how he’s been navigating his new role as a dad of two.

Since welcoming daughter Lucy Eve, 6 meses, e filho Benjamin Allen, 3, Cohen says he’s had atotal shift in priority.

I’m choosing to stay home with them so much more than I ever would have,” ele compartilha. “I was not someone who ever stayed at home, so my priorities have just totally changed.

As a single parent, a Veja o que acontece ao vivo host emphasizes the importance ofbeing supported.

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Make sure you have help,” Cohen adds.

With the new addition of a second child, the TV personality says one of his biggest challenges is time management.

Just when I think I’ve had a lot of really quality time with Ben, I have to go to Lucy and sit with her and I just want to look in her face and I want her to see me and hear my voice and know that I’m here,” ele explica. “It’s just about juggling time management with the two of them.

Cohen also expresses his excitement for his involvement in FeedFest, which he will be virtually hosting on Nov. 11.

It’s a really fun event for parents that are meant to empower them with information and transparency about the realities of being a parent,” ele diz.

Not only are there discussions on how to feed your child, but also pretty frank discussions of issues that people don’t necessarily talk about with the role of the father,” ele continua. “Where does the father fit in? And just parenting hacks and feeding hacks and the realities as opposed to wrapping everything up in a pretty bow.

Mia Funt, the co-founder and president of ByHeart, adiciona, “Feed Fest is ByHeart’s annual summit to empower all parents by providing them with free access to resources, conversations, and connections they need to set them up for the blurry days of early parenthood and feeding.

We’re excited to have Andy Cohen onboard as we bring together leading experts and parents for open and honest conversations about the highs and lows of parenting.