Naomi Biden, Granddaughter of Joe Biden, Marries Peter Neal in White House Wedding That’s a Historic First

Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

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Naomi BidenPeter Neal tied the knot Saturday morning in a long-anticipated White House wedding, the first in nearly a decade — and the first-ever for a grandchild of a sitting president.

The couple were wed in a private ceremony on the South Lawn, attended by Naomi’s grandparents, 大統領 ジョー・バイデン とファーストレディ ジル・バイデン.

The all-day celebration will continue with a White House luncheon for the wedding party and close family members, followed by an evening reception at the executive mansion with dessert and dancing.

ナオミ, 28, is a graduate of Columbia Law and the eldest daughter of the president’s son Hunter Biden and Hunter’s ex-wife, キャスリーン・ブール.

Neal, 25, who also studied law, interned for ヒラリー・クリントン‘s presidential campaign and at the White House during バラック・オバマ‘s presidency.

According to two sources, Naomi and Neal currently live on the third floor of the White House residence — one flight up from the First Family’s main living quarters — and the same place ミシェルオバマの母親, Marian Robinson, called home for the eight years of her son-in-law’s administration.

ペア 彼らの婚約を発表しました 九月に 2021, and confirmed earlier this year that they had chosen the White House as their venue. Their nuptials marked the first wedding on the White House grounds since 2013, when presidential photographer Pete Souza married Patti Lease in the Rose Garden.

Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

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Naomi has two sisters, Finnegan and Maisy, as well as two young half-siblings, including a boy born in March 2020 named Beau, after her uncle, ボー・バイデン, who died of brain cancer in 2015 で 46.

バイデン大統領, 誰が向きを変える 80 日曜日に, has talked at length about the close bond he and each of his grandchildren share. Just before Biden was inaugurated, ナオミ, who also lives in Washington, D.C., 言った 今日'NS ジェンナブッシュヘイガー that she was excited to know her “ポップ” would live only a few miles away.

In a past 面接する PBS Newshour, Naomi explained that her grandfather is at the center of the close-knit Biden clan.

We’ve grown up together,” 彼女は言いました. “He’s made sure that every single tradition, every holiday, we’re all together . . . I don’t think there’s been any decision, no matter how big or small, that we haven’t decided as a family.