Meeting the Parents! Jason Oppenheim Says Girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk ‘Hit It Off’ with His Mom at Thanksgiving

Jason Oppenheim Reveals Girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk Will Meet His Mom for the First Time on Thanksgiving

Jason Oppenheim Reveals Girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk Will Meet His Mom for the First Time on Thanksgiving

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Jason Oppenheim‘s girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk is meeting the parents!

On November 24, the Selling Sunset star, 45, introduced the model, 25, to his mom for the first time at Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner was held at the Oppenheim Group office and included some of Jason’s loved ones, like his twin brother Brett, his Selling Sunset costar (and ex) Mary Fitzgerald, and his mom and dad.

“Lou has met my dad before, but she met my mom for the first time [on Thanksgiving],” Oppenheim tells PEOPLE. “They definitely hit it off and both like each other. Lou got my mom to tell her one-too-many stories about my childhood.”

On Instagram, Fitzgerald shared a photo of the group enjoying dinner. This was the Paris-based model’s first-ever Thanksgiving celebration and she was all smiles as she posed next to her boyfriend. Oppenheim’s Selling Sunset costar Amanza Smith and her kids also attended the dinner.

The Oppenheim Group president revealed he will be celebrating Christmas abroad with Nurk this year. They are “likely spending it in Sydney, Australia, with my brother Brett and maybe some other friends,” he says.

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk

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Ahead of Thanksgiving, Oppenheim spoke to PEOPLE about the upcoming holiday, adding that he was “not nervous at all” for his mom and girlfriend to meet.

“They’ve met over FaceTime, but they haven’t met in person,” he said at a launch event for the 1060 App. “Then we’re going to my dad’s birthday lunch the day after Thanksgiving.” He also confirmed that it was their “first Thanksgiving and first Christmas” together.

“Both my parents really like her and I’ve met her family over FaceTime as well. Hope to meet them in person. But no, my family’s super chill. I have no concerns about my family ever or meeting Lou,” he explained.

The couple first met in July 2022 while Oppenheim was vacationing with his brother in Mykonos, Greece. Since then, the reality star has been open about his new romance.

In August, he revealed to PEOPLE that he’s “open to being a husband” to Nurk despite his lack of interest in being a father at the moment.

“I like the idea that there’s no pressure, or a thought about having to have a child with Lou. So it just makes it easy for us,” he said. Nurk agreed, telling PEOPLE, “I think for the next 10 years, I’m good. And that’s a long time, so I’m not even thinking about it yet.”