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Rebel Wilson Takes Off for Christmas Vacation with Ramona Agruma and Daughter Royce

Rebel Wilson Takes Off for Christmas Vacation with Partner Ramona Agruma and Daughter Royce

Rebel Wilson Takes Off for Christmas Vacation with Partner Ramona Agruma and Daughter Royce

foto: Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Wilson rebelde is ready to spend some quality time with her family.

The Almond and the Seahorse actress is gearing up for some holiday rest and relaxation with partner Ramona Agruma e filha Royce Lillian, 6 semanas, as they prepare to celebrate the baby girl’s first Christmas.

Wilson shared an Instagram Reel Sunday of the three boarding a private flight out of a snowy locale as they prepare to start their holiday.

Holiday time…let’s go! ❄️ R & R & R ❄️,” ela legendou a postagem.

The 42-year-old new mom also shared a photo of the three onboard the plane, continuing to use emojis to hide baby Royce’s face.

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No início deste mês, Wilson shared some of the discoveries that have come with motherhood. “I want to spend as much time with her as humanly possible,” Wilson told PEOPLE. “I love cuddling her. I’m obsessed with her already. She’s just the cutest.

The biggest surprise, ela disse “is the love you feel for this little baby. Antes, I was always multitasking. On my phone. Watching TV. Doing all these things at the same time. Now I just sit there on the couch staring at her for hours.

A week after Royce’s birth, Wilson updated her Instagram followers on what it’s like to be a mom. “One week of motherhood is done,” Wilson said in the clip. “It’s been a total life change.Wilson continued by saying she’s been learning a lot of new things, including how to change diapers, feed the baby and how to assemble baby items.

She’s a little tiny thing, but she’s doing so amazing and is healthy and awesome and such a chill baby, na realidade. Então, it’s actually been cool to get to know her,” the actress added in the video.

Rebel Wilson / Instagram.

Rebel Wilson / Instagram.

Rebel Wilson / Instagram

Wilson, who has been open about her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) e ela fertility struggles in recent years, told PEOPLE she hopes her story can help others.

It was years in the making to make little Roycie. It’s an emotional rollercoaster because I have a biological clock that’s ticking and then you go through the process and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to work out,” Wilson said. “Some days, you get a good phone call from the doctor and other days, it was terrible news.

I really relate to women who are going through it, and especially women like me who have prioritized their career and are now wanting a family,” ela continuou. “My advice to young women out there is if you want to harvest your eggs and freeze your eggs, the earlier you do it, o melhor. If that’s an option to you, it just gives you options as a woman.

And as she marvels at her beautiful daughter, “it’s a happy ending for me,” ela disse. “I have a lovely child and to me, she is a real miracle.