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Mortal Kombat Had Highest Streaming Debut of HBO Max’s Big-Screen Simultaneous Releases: Relatório

Mortal Kombat Had Highest Streaming Debut of HBO Max's Big-Screen Simultaneous Releases: Relatório

Mortal Kombat proved to be a hit for HBO Max.

No 2021, the streaming service released a slate of major Warner Bros. movies to subscribers the same day they hit movie theaters. According to stats from Samba TV, a third-party tracker of online viewership, as reported by Business Insider, Mortal Kombat had the most viewers upon its opening weekend of any of the day-and-date releases.

Mortal Kombat, which rolled out April 23, was viewed by 3.8 milhões de famílias, per the stats, followed by March’s Godzilla vs. Kong com 3.6 million and August’s The Suicide Squad com 2.8 milhão. Last month’s As ressurreições da matriz reportedly came next with 2.8 million followed by July’s Space Jam: Um Novo Legado com 2.1 million then October’s Duna com 1.9 milhão.

PEOPLE reached out to HBO Max for comment.

At the domestic box office, no entanto, there was a different ranking. The at-home availability likely undercut most of the filmstheater potential as none of the releases made it into 2021’s top 10 na bilheteria nacional, de acordo com Box Office Mojo. Godzilla vs. Kong did the most business, at No. 12, with an estimated $99,244,744, followed closely by Duna'S $93,214,044.

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mortal kombat
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Other day-and-date releases on the streaming service included: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It; The Little Things; Tom and Jerry; Those Who Wish Me Dead; Os Muitos Santos de Newark; Maligno; Rei richard; Cry Macho; Nas alturas; e Judas and the Black Messiah.

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In a May interview with IGN, Brad Wilson, WarnerMedia’s executive vice president of growth and revenue, reacted to Mortal Kombat exceeding expectations.

Mortal Kombat was an interesting title for us because I will say that while we expected it to do well, we did not expect it to do as well as it did. It’s been one of our top assets on the platform,” ele disse na época.