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Malaysian Singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin Dies of COVID Days After Giving Birth: ‘Tears Streaming Down Her Cheeks

Malaysian Singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin Dies of COVID Days After Giving Birth: 'Tears Streaming Down Her Cheeks'

Popular Malaysian singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin has died of COVID-19 just days after giving birth to her fourth child. Ela era 36.

O artista, known by her stage name Siti Sarah, died early Monday morning at the Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz in Malaysia, de acordo com o marido dela, comedian Shuib Sepahtu.

With the help of the nurses and doctor, I was able to make the video call and that was the last time my kids and I would lay our eyes on her while she was still alive,” Shuib, born Shahmira Muhammad, contado local news outlet the New Strait Times.

“No momento, I saw tears streaming down her cheeks, as if she understood what we were saying to her,” Ele continuou. “I was at the hospital later after the kids had gone to sleep and completed a Yassin recital, as well as prayers for her last night. Contudo, I was not permitted to see her.

Siti Sarah was hospitalized last Wednesday after experiencing breathing problems related to COVID-19, de acordo com a tomada. She was almost eight months pregnant when she was put in a medically induced coma.

Siti Sarah Raisuddin Shuib Sepahtu

Siti Sarah Raisuddin Shuib Sepahtu
Siti Sarah Raisuddin and Shuib Sepahtu

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The singer reportedly delivered her baby, a son named Ayash Affan, on Friday via surgery.

She fought hard to save our baby,” Shuib said of his wife. “The name Ayash Affan was her choice, through her reading she said that it related to a fighter in the Gaza region.

Ayash now joins older siblings Uwais Alqarni, 10, Dzahira Talita Zahra, 8, and Ariq Matin, 6.

Siti Sarah and Shuib confirmed in late July that their entire family had tested positive for COVID-19, sharing a video of themselves and their children getting a nasal swab on their respective Instagram accounts.

No momento, a statement shared on Siti Sarah’s account said that her maid had also tested positive for the virus.

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In a video posted by Shuib last week, Siti Sarah was seen wearing an oxygen mask as she hugged her children. Na legenda, Shuib asked fans to pray for his wife and their baby.

Na segunda-feira, Shuib told the New Strait Times that Siti Sarah will be buried by her mother’s grave at a cemetery in Gombak.

It’s just that it will be really challenging for me to break the news to my three kids on the death of their mother,” ele disse.

John Hopkins University’s COVID-19 database shows that Malaysia reported 17,236 new COVID-19 cases and 212 deaths on Monday. Cerca de 9 million people in the country — approximately 27.5 percent of its population — have been vaccinated against the virus so far, de acordo com o site.

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