ゴードン・ラムゼイ usually dishes out food critiques but in a recent TikTok, he’s feeling the heat.

日曜日に, the celebrity chef, 54, ビデオを共有しました reacting to a creator taking a stab at one of his older grilled cheese recipes.

The TikTok account @dishedit burned Ramsay for a not-so-cheesy ビデオ that he shared in August 2020 while traveling in Tasmania for his show 未知の. The voiceover pokes fun at his cheese choices of Asiago and Romano (“neither of which are known for melting”), thick bread slices, overpowering kimchi topping, cooking techniques and lack of cheese pull.

In his stitched video, Ramsay claims, “I was in Tasmania! They don’t have grills in Tasmaniawhen @dishedit roasted his burned bread and unmelted cheese.

He continues to respond to her notes and can’t believe the creator’s suggested cook time for the sandwich. “Ten minutes? 女の子, I didn’t have 10 minutes for each side, それは 20 minutes for grilled cheese!” 彼は笑う.

しかし, the chef did admit that the creator’s version was a success saying, “I’ll tell you what, that looks good.

The chef’s #RamsayReacts videos are beloved on TikTok. 12月中 2020, Ramsay spoke to PEOPLE about the range of culinary talent he’s witnessed on the social media app, where has over 27 百万人のフォロワー. “There’s an exciting plethora of young talents on TikTok that are super, super talentedand then you cut to some really bad crap,” 彼は12月に言った. “People are putting rib-eye steaks in toasters! They’re doing the most ridiculous things with ice coffees! それはクレイジーです。”

Ramsay is not the only popular TikToker in his family. The chef’s youngest daughter, Tilly Ramsay, 19, has garnered an impressive TikTok following with some videos featuring her father. 過去に, Tilly has posted a prank in which she cracked an egg on her dad’s headclips of the celebrity chef dancing.