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«Emily a Parigi’ La stilista Marylin Fitoussi rivela la stagione 3 L'armadio ha 14,000 Pezzi elencati!

Come Emily a Parigi creator Darren Star puts it, “fashion has always been in the DNAof the Emmy-nominated Netflix series.

That would explain why the show’s new lead costume designer Marylin Fitoussi pushed the boundaries even further when conceptualizing the looks for its highly-anticipated third season.

I think that this season I had an even greater freedom. We have listed 14,000 pieces. I think that on Giglio [Collins] we did about 43 looks,” Fitoussi reveals in an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip shared with PEOPLE.

“Così, we always have to present new things, to push the limits of what we can do,” she adds on how she approached Emily’s newest lineup of outfits.

Mixing vintage items with contemporary pieces,” she curated a collection of evening gowns and office and cocktail wear that exude aParisian tone and touchyet reflect Emily Cooper’s (played by Collins) famedirreverentpersonality.

Emily a Parigi, Lily Collins

Emily a Parigi, Lily Collins

Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

Succeeding previous lead designer Patricia Field, Fitoussi had big shoes to fill. (Sebbene, the two had worked together on the first two seasons on what Collins previously told PEOPLE era un “fascinating dialogueof fashion.)

But it’s the new pieces, such as Emily’s delicate pink feathered cape, that prove Fitoussi’s talent. “I wanted her to have that sort of graceful little bird,” she explains of the custom look, which will be featured in the forthcoming season.

The avant-garde item is only a glimpse at the the high-fashion wardrobe ready to make their debut in the coming episodes, from Emily’s dramatic Dolce & Gabbana top with wing-like sleeves to her office-ready houndstooth set.

Emily a Parigi. Lily Collins come Emily nell'episodio 302 di Emily a Parigi. Cr. Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix © 2022

Emily a Parigi. Lily Collins come Emily nell'episodio 302 di Emily a Parigi. Cr. Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix © 2022

Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

Much like the scripted world of the show, fashion for Fitoussi is all about storytelling.

It’s a bit of a calling, telling stories with clothes and making everyone feel beautiful. Emily allows me to experiment entirely with this irreverent creative aspect where you get to break the codes of fashion, where you get to be yourself and feeling different and unique and to affirm it,” she notes in the feature.

Stagione 3 di Emily a Parigi, premiering with 10 episodes on Netflix Dec. 21, will follow Emily as she’s challenged to make life-changing decisions, from work to romance.

“Io stesso non conosco ancora la sua scelta. continuo a chiedere,” Collins previously told PEOPLE of what’s next for Emily, who must decide whether she should remain with mentor Sylvie in the City of Lights or move back to Chicago. “Ma qualunque sia la scelta, sai che sarà piena di drammi, moda e tanto divertimento e romanticismo.”