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Pride of Her Family’: Aspiring Radiology Technician Is Fatally Shot During Confrontation on Road

Jatzivy Sarabia

Jatzivy Sarabia

Jatzivy Sarabia.
foto: GoFundMe

A teenager was fatally shot Saturday during a two-vehicle confrontation on a Washington State road.

Jatzivy Sarabia, 18, was killed about 11:40 PM. near State Route 397 in East Kennewick after someone fired into the vehicle she was riding in, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

It was reported that two vehicles were involved in some sort of altercation resulting in shots being fired,” states a sheriff’s office press release. “One vehicle stopped in the middle of the road and the other vehicle was seen driving north on SR 397 towards the cable bridge.

Benton County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jason Erickson tells PEOPLE that investigators do not believe it was aroad rage incident.

We have a witness that saw what happened,” ele diz. “A shooting occurred between the two vehicles and she was an unfortunate victim of that shooting.

Minutes after the shooting, dispatchers received a call of a woman shot inside a vehicle. The caller wassomebody related to the case,” says Erickson.

It is unclear how many people were involved in the fatal incident.

Jatzivy Sarabia

Jatzivy Sarabia

Jatzivy Sarabia.
Jatzivy Sarabia Facebook

Até aqui, no arrests have been made.

I don’t know why they would do that to her,” Sarabia’s mother Kimberly told KEPR-TV. “Watch your babies and know who they’re with and talk to them. I talked to her, but you just never know.

De acordo com um GoFundMe página, Sarabia was a recent graduate of Hanford High and planned to attend Columbia Basin College in January to become a radiology technician.

She thought about pursuing a career in cosmetology butdecided Radiology was a better fit for her future,” her cousin Jamie Harbert wrote on the GoFundMe. “She worked extremely hard to graduate, she was the pride of her family.

Jatzivy was a beautiful person inside and out,” Harbert wrote. “She was the big sister in the house. Always taking care of everyone’s needs.

Sarabialoved her friends,” wrote Harbert. “She loved music. Quando criança, she was obsessed with Beyoncé, even wearing out the CD.

Sarabia playedsports throughout her childhood, volleyball, cheer and played soccer for Hanford High. She was her mom’s ‘brain bank’. She knew all the logins and passwords. She kept the family on track. The family secretary.

I’m not the only one who lost her,” her mother Kimberly told KEPR-TV. “A lot of people loved her, so I don’t grieve alone.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 509-735-6555 or dispatchers at 509-628-0333.