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Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley Explore Holiday Nostalgia on A Cinematic Christmas Journey Podcast

Vince Vaughn e Peter Billingsley are exploring the history of big-screen holiday movies in a new project.

The first episode of the A Cinematic Christmas Journey podcast created by Vaughn and hosted by Billingsley and Nick Schenk debuts on Thursday. It’s a six-episode series thatwill celebrate the nostalgia of classic holiday films while answering the question: Why do people love holiday movies so much?”

Featuring interviews with cast members and filmmakers, the podcast will cover classics like A casa da solo (1990), Vacanze di Natale di National Lampoon (1989), Vaughn’s Four Christmases (2008), It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), Come il Grinch rubo 'il Natale (2000) e, Certo, 1983'S A Christmas Story, in which Billingsley, Ora 51, played Ralphie. (Lui reprises the role in the new sequel A Christmas Story Christmas, now streaming on HBO Max.)

Guests on the Audiorama podcast include Beverly D’Angelo (Christmas Vacation), Jeffrey Kimball and Vaughn (Four Christmases), Julio Macat (A casa da solo), and Ian Petrella, R. D. Robb and Scott Schwartz (A Christmas Story).

The plan is for the podcast to springboard into other iterations that cover genres like Valentine’s Day romantic comedies, Halloween horror films, summer blockbusters and more, with the hosts changing by season based on the theme.

Peter Billingsley Rollout

Peter Billingsley Rollout

A Christmas Story Christmas (2022).

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Audiorama was founded by Vaughn, Greg Olsen, Ryan Kalil, Powerhouse Capital and Wild West Picture Show Productions.

Vaughn and Billingsley produced the new holiday parody movie Christmas with the Campbells, which Vaughn also co-wrote. Vaughn also produced A Christmas Story Christmas, which Billingsley and podcast co-host Schenk wrote together. Billingsley also directed Vaughn in the 2009 commedia Couple’s Retreat and they worked together on 2006’s The Break-Up.

Billingsley recently told PEOPLE about meetinglifelong friendVaughn when he was 18 and they were trying to make it in Los Angeles.

We just kind of became good buddies. He was a great, divertente, cool guy and it was obvious he was talented,” Billingsley said of Vaughn, adding that he was aware of his Christmas Story notoriety at the time: “He knew me. And it was right around the time when that one— because when it first came out it didn’t do very well. It was over time that the original Christmas Story built an audience. But he had been one of the early adopters, so he really liked it. He knew me from it. It’s so crazy to think of, but I had a little bit of fame, I guess.

A Cinematic Christmas Journey podcast debuts Thursday, with exclusive video episodes on Spotify. All episodes will be out by Dec. 25.