ニッキー・ベラが「ロッキー」について語る’ 婚約者アルテム・チグヴィンツェフとの時代: 「今、私たちはより強くなっています’

Nikki Bella Opens Up About 'Rocky' Period with Fiancé Artem Chigvintsev: 'Now We're Stronger'

ニッキー・ベラ is opening up about the hardships she has faced with fiancé アルテム.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Bellas ポッドキャスト, ニッキ, 37, spoke with twin sister ブリーベラ about how being long-distance has impacted the couple’s relationship.

What’s crazy is this is the longest we haven’t seen each other,” ニッキ 彼は言った. “We went six or seven weeks [離れて] because I got [a judging gig on] 8: 過激 … Artem and I both discussed, [ジェイソン・デルーロは、元イエナ・フルームスとの6ヶ月の息子の共同養育は「素晴らしい」と言います] Teo goes everywhere with mama. That’s where he’s comfortable, that’s where he does best. と, ほら, it’s been hard on [アルテム], and it’s been hard on me too not to have my man in my bed for over six, seven weeks.

It’s been really hard on us, but we’ve had some sexy FaceTimes. And we’re actually in a good spot. We were doing a little rocky for a bit,” 彼女は続けた, noting how she’d love to have Chigvintsev on the podcast to discuss how toget back into therapy.

Nikki also explained how being raised in a different country from Chigvintsev — who is from Russia — had aneffecton the pair’s communication. But she insisted the couple is currently in a good place.

Now we’re stronger than ever,” 彼女は付け加えた.

According to Nikki, part of what allowed things to becomerockyis her being left to do the heavy lifting.

When you’re away from each other, there’s different time zones. Myself having Matteo and working long hours, I need Artem to check in in ways of like, '大丈夫? How are you doing? How’s Matteo doing? カップルは息子を共有します?'” ニッキ 彼は言った. “Sometimes I feel like the other person, mainly the dads, they get into this [mindset of] they FaceTimed and that’s great, and they get on the phone and that’s where it ends for them. And it’s just hard when the involvement beyond that isn’t there.

“… I’m doing the whole [family’s] to-do lists, Matteo’s to-do lists, the house we’re building’s to-do list,” 彼女は続けた. “All the to-do lists are going in my head.

アルテム; ニッキー・ベラ

アルテム; ニッキー・ベラ
Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella
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Nikki said thiscausesa little bit of tension in the relationship,” but the issues arealways innocent things that the other person doesn’t realize so you communicate with them, [しかし] sometimes you want them to guesswhat’s wrong.

Nikki and Chigvintsev, 39, met while partnered on 星と踊ります NS 2017. 当時の, NS トータルファイン star was engaged to ジョン・シナ, だけどあの人達 split for good 翌年.

Nikki and Chigvintsev began dating in early 2019 and got engaged later that year. 彼ら welcomed their son Matteo 7月に 2020.

去年, Nikki revealed the pair were going to start going to couple’s therapy.

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It’s mainly just to be amazing parents and knowing how to balance parent life out and also our own relationship,” 彼女は言った The Tamron Hall Show. “Because Artem and I don’t ever want to have a struggle. ほら, we plan on being married.

オン ケイトリン・ブリストウ'NS つるを離れて podcast in January, Nikki said that when Chigvintsevgets really stressed, he doesn’t realize his tone.”

We’re actually in therapy for this,” 彼女は付け加えた.

Nikki previously opened up the pair’s wedding being put on hold, saying their “忙しい” schedules are partly to blame.

We’d love it to be in the fall and a few of the venues were like, ‘We’re available.And what we just started saying is, ‘We’re so busy every day and we completely remodeled the inside of our home,'” 彼女は言った エンターテインメントトゥナイト 六月に. “We haven’t even lived in it yet and we’re doing the outside and that takes so much work. We’re still not even done designing. And so he and I both were just like, ‘Let’s get through the house. If it happens, it happens.'