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Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie Says Lady Whistledown Hunt Will ‘Shake’ Penélope, Eloise’s Friendship

Bridgerton's Claudia Jessie Says Lady Whistledown Hunt Will 'Shake' Penelope, Eloise's Friendship

Bridgerton fans should prepare to witness a shift in Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton’s friendship during the show’s second season.

Falando para Entretenimento semanal for their March issue, the Netflix show’s cast teased what audiences can expect from the upcoming season.

Addressing her own fate on the show, Claudia Jessie — who plays Eloise — said her character’s determination to unmask Lady Whistledown will drive a wedge into her longtime friendship with Penelope (Nicola Coughlan), which had previously been centered in trust.

Na temporada 1 final, viewers learned that Penelope was pulling the strings as Lady Whistledown all along. Contudo, throughout the season, Eloise had been seeking to determine the town gossip’s true identity.

It felt like the most uncomplicated love that there was,” Jessie, 32, contado AQUELE. “But they’re getting older, and they each have secrets. It will shake them both.

According to Coughlan, 35, she believes it will beso frustrating for Eloise to know Penelope’s doing all the things she wants to do, and has a voice and power and can change things.

Nicola Coughlan in Bridgerton Season 1

Nicola Coughlan in Bridgerton Season 1
Nicola Coughlan in “Bridgerton” Temporada 1

But Penelope thinks Eloise is the funniest, smartest, best person in the world — and a lot of Whistledown is to impress her,” ela continuou. “Maybe I’m putting rose-tinted glasses on, but it all comes from a place of love.

Coughlan also acknowledged that Penelope’s motives aren’t exactly righteous: “Hurt people hurt people,” ela disse.

People don’t treat her nicely,” Coughlan added of her character. “So she’s able to manufacture and move things around at her will.

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Seguindo BridgertonÉ dezembro 2020 pré estreia, eagle-eyed fans started to discover easter eggs that connected Penelope to Lady Whistledown.

I would say to the directors, ‘I know this scene is about the Duke and Daphne, but I write about this in my column, so can I please be near here,'” Coughlan told Elite Daily no momento. “So I think it should be fun for people to watch Season 1 back and have a Where’s Waldo [momento] with Penelope to see if they can find her at the balls.

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Coughlan added thatthere’s something really juicy in the audience knowing a secret that the other characters don’t know.

It’s like they’re in on it,” ela explicou. “They’ll get to go to the balls with her and know whatever she witnesses could make or break somebody.

Jessie previously predicted her character é “going to be pissed upon learning Lady Whistledown’s identity.

That’s such a shock to a friendship,” ela disse Bazar do harpista ano passado. “You have this woman, this character, this mysterious scribbler that Eloise is basically a bit in love with, and kinda wants to be her best mate — has been lying to her, writing about her family, and causing scandal. Para mim, that’s the most compelling thing in the world.

Temporada 2 do Bridgerton premieres on March 25 no Netflix.