Erin and Ben Napier Say Their Country House Reveal Episode is ‘One of Our Funnieston New ‘Home Town’ 季節

Ben Napier and Erin Napier

Ben Napier and Erin Napier

写真: ゲイリー・ガーショフ/ゲッティ

Erin and Ben Napier are getting ready for a very special reveal on the upcoming season of 出身地 — and it just so happens to be their own house!

On the latest episode of Southern Livings podcast Biscuits and Jam, the HGTV couple opened up about showing their moms their newly renovated country home — and how it’s one of theirfunniestreveals on the new season.

The pair tell Sid Evans, the podcast’s host and Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living, that their moms arehilariously different from each other,” with Ben even describing his mom as aconservative hippie.

Referencing Ben’s mom, Erin says, “彼女は, 'うん, I’ll come see it. That will be cool. That will be fun.And then my mom on the other hand was like, [object Window], ‘Can you just send me a picture of just something?'”

Erin adds that her mom was so impatient to see their new country escape, she even asked to eat dinner outside of the house one night.

So these were the two people we brought in to see it at the same time,” 彼女は思い出します. Her mom immediately started crying when she saw one of the walls inside the home, Erin says, as it’s covered with sentimental family photos from different generations.

その間, when Ben showed his mom the kitchen, she responded that it looked the same as it did before. “なんてことだ, we literally took the entire kitchen out,” Erin says with a laugh.

[EMBARGOED UNTIL 9:30am EST on TUESDAY, 10月 11]. Napiers Southern Living. Photo Credits: - ラルセン & Talbert / Southern Living

[EMBARGOED UNTIL 9:30am EST on TUESDAY, 10月 11]. Napiers Southern Living. Photo Credits: - ラルセン & Talbert / Southern Living

ラルセン + Talbert / Southern Living

エピソードの後半, Erin touched upon her new fragrance store in their hometown of Laurel, ミシシッピ, と呼ばれる The Scent Library. She describes the shop as her “赤ちゃん” as she’s always had a sentimental attachment to scents all her life.

We have built this Scent Library, the whole idea being that every scent tells a story,” 彼女が言います. “You can smell something and it’s so evocative, you can remember something about a person or a place that makes you feel so good.

The store is built like a library, 彼女は付け加えます, with all of the scents being grouped by subject. Along with seasonal scents and “冒険” fragrances that aremore manly,” there is also a sweeter line inspired by their two daughters — Helen, 4, and Mae, 1 ½.

I just wanted a store that’s really an experience,” she tells Evans. “It’s like walking into a miniaturized Boston Public Library and there’s candles everywhere and room sprays and soaps, so it’s going to be a very unique experience that I don’t think anyone’s ever seen before.