Halle Berry’s Disaster Movie Moonfall Called ‘B-Movie Cheesein First Reviews

Halle Berry's Disaster Movie Moonfall Called 'B-Movie Cheese' in First Reviews

Moonfall touches down in theaters this weekend, critics are sharing their thoughts on the Roland Emmerich sci-fi film.

Moonfall, どの星 ハル・ベリー, Patrick WilsonMichael Peña, takes place in a world where the moon has been knocked off its orbit and is set to strike Earth, causing unimaginable disaster. ジョー (ベリー) embarks on a mission to save the planet, and is joined by fellow astronaut Brian (ウィルソン) and amateur scientist K.C. (John Bradley).

Despite the star power of Berry and Wilson, Moonfall largely failed to impress critics, who dismissed the movie as “バカ”a moonfail.


Patrick Wilson in Moonfall
| クレジット: ライオンズゲート

Frank Scheck wrote in ハリウッドレポーター それ Moonfall looks and sounds like a would-be cinematic blockbuster but comes up painfully short in its ham-fisted execution.

彼が追加した, “Filled with unintentional humor, the film seems inevitably destined for exposure on a future incarnation of Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Charles Pulliam-Moore lampooned Moonfall なので “hollowin his review for The Verge, 書き込み, “If you’ve caught any of Moonfall‘s bombastic TV spots or seen some of its busier print ads, you’ll probably see each of the film’s uninspired twists coming long before any of its characters do. But that might not be enough to prepare you for how breathtakingly bad Moonfall — a movie that feels like it could have been great — ends up being.


クレジット: ライオンズゲート / 礼儀エベレット

バニティフェア, それも, panned Emmerich’s latest, with Richard Lawson dubbing the filmawfully boring” と “a lifeless assemblage of confusing CGI and pat characters we barely know.

Lawson added, “I had hoped to, 少なくとも, hoot along with the movie in support of its swaggering silliness. But the film is dull and mostly depressing, a testament to the state of non-franchise maximalist filmmaking today.

Critics also joked about the movie on Twitter, where Tomris Laffly — who writes for バラエティ and Roger Ebert, ツイート, “MOONFALL: You know the news ain’t good when your cell rings in the middle of the night and the call is from NASA!”

ハゲタカ critic Alison Wilmore tweeted a cartoon キャプション付き, “When Patrick Wilson in MOONFALL says he doesn’t want to go on a desperate last-ditch mission to space because he’s got problems of his own down on earth and then Halle Berry retorts ‘And the moon falling in pieces onto the Earth isn’t one of them?!’ “

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ロサンゼルスタイムズ was more lenient on Moonfall, with critic Justin Chang describing the film as his ownkind of stupidity.

Certainly it’s refreshing to see an end-of-the-world movie in which the characters aren’t just cluelessly hashtagging their way to oblivion the way they do in 見上げないで, another recent movie about humanity’s impending extinction,” Chang noted.

彼が追加した, “Moonfall, to its credit, harbors no illusions about being useful. I don’t know about mega-structures, but this particular moon is made of purest B-movie cheese.

Moonfall premieres in theaters Friday.