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Kate Middleton Champions Early Childhood Development for ‘Healthier and Happier Society’ nell'editoriale

Caterina, Principessa del Galles, Patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, visits Colham Manor Children's Centre

Caterina, Principessa del Galles, Patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, visits Colham Manor Children's Centre

Kate Middleton.
Foto: Mark Cuthbert/Regno Unito Stampa tramite Getty Images

Kate Middleton is spreading awareness of early childhood development and mental health.

In an op-ed published Friday by il telegrafo, the Princess of Wales, 40, pleaded to doeverything we can to nurture our childrenin the first five years of their lives, which she said are themost preventative years.

“Negli ultimi 10 anni, talking to a wide range of experts about how we deal with societal issues, like poor mental and physical health, I have become more and more sure of one thing: if we are going to create a healthier and happier society for future generations, we must start by understanding and acknowledging the unique importance of the first five years of life,” Middleton wrote.

She explained that people develop core foundations during those fundamental years, shaping how they thrive as adults. Middleton cited homelessness, violence and addiction as perpetuating poor mental health.

We have an incredible opportunity,” lei scrisse. “Armed with all we now know as a result of the work of dedicated scientists, researchers and practitioners, to make a huge difference to the mental and physical health of generations to come.

That is why I am determined to continue to shine a light on this issue and to do everything I can to secure much greater focus on those first crucial few years for the youngest members of our society – loro sono, Dopotutto, our future,” Middleton concluded.

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Middleton has long been an advocate for mental health, helping children specifically through her nonprofit Place2Be, in addition to helping provide mental health resources durante COVID-19 pandemic and providing support to frontline workers.

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A gennaio, Middleton celebrated a milestone per lei Heads Together campagna, which she launched in 2019 insieme a principe William, il principe harry e Meghan Markle, dopo il 24/7 free text messaging support service surpassed one million conversations.