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Lea Michele Reveals She Got a Letter from Barbra Streisand — and Called Jonathan Groff Right After!

Lea Michele‘s dreams are coming true!

While visiting the Late Show with Seth Meyers di lunedi, Michele opened up about hearing from her idol, Barbra Streisand, who originated the role of Fanny Brice in Ragazza divertente.

I finally heard from Barbra,” il gioia allume, who currently stars as Fanny in the Broadway revival of Ragazza divertente, said after Meyers asked if she’d gotten the blessing from Streisand.

I got to work the other day and my dresser…had this, Come, gold envelope,” the 36-year-old actress said. “Era, Non lo so, Come Charlie e la fabbrica di cioccolato, like getting invited.

Michele continued: “And I just knew. ero come, ‘Is it from Barbra?’ And she said it was.

And it was very sweet, she wrote me this beautiful letter,” Michele shared. “But one thing she said in it… She was like, ‘It’s really wonderful when your dreams come true, non è vero??’ And I just, Come, fell to my knees, and I called [gioia co-creator] Ryan Murphy, my mom, Jonathan Groff e [Ragazza divertente direttore] Michael Mayer.

After she shared the big news with her loved ones, “I got a little nervous,” lei ha ammesso. “ero come, 'Aspetta un secondo, how do I not know that this is not fake — that some person is just playing the worst prank on me in the entire world.

Michele said she checked in with costar Ramin Karimloo, who plays Nicky Arnstein, to verify her letter was actually from Streisand since Karimloo received one from the legendary actress earlier in the run.

I snuck into his room, found the copy of his letter, and then just made sure that the writing was the same, ed esso era!” Michele explained. “So that was all I needed.

TARDA NOTTE CON SETH MEYERS -- Episodio 1362 -- Nella foto: (l-r) Actress/singer Lea Michele during an interview with host Seth Meyers on December 5, 2022 -- (fotografato da: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)

TARDA NOTTE CON SETH MEYERS -- Episodio 1362 -- Nella foto: (l-r) Actress/singer Lea Michele during an interview with host Seth Meyers on December 5, 2022 -- (fotografato da: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)

Lea Michele.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

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Michele told PEOPLE earlier this year about the moment she learned she’d be returning to Broadway for her first time in over a decade.

Funny story,” ha cominciato. “I got the call from my agents that I got the part. Non ne avevo idea. I was literally sitting out at Bubby’s with my child [Mai, 2], feeding him buttered pasta and broccoli. And I get a call from my agents, and they said, ‘You are going to be Fanny Brice in Ragazza divertente.’ And as I looked up, I start hysterically crying, e io sono come, oh my God.

Al momento, Michele said that she looked up and saw former Risveglio di primavera co-protagonista Gideon Glick.

He saw me crying. People had been asking me [about the role], but I didn’t really know what was going to happen,” lei ha continuato. “Era come, 'Dio mio, did you just get the part?’ And I was nodding. And so he took a picture of me on the street hysterically crying, getting the part of Fanny Brice.

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Il gioia alum said she had multipleminicelebrations since she learned she’d be taking over the role of Fanny, a part she played before as Rachel Berry on the Fox musical series. She also sang the musical’s show-stoppingDon’t Rain on My Paradeat the 64th Annual Tony Awards in 2010 (and again on this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade).

She’s previously said that landing the role (originated by Streisand in 1964) è “un un sogno divenuto realta,” so the Risveglio di primavera sent her nothing but well wishes ever since the news was announced that she’d be starring in the show following Berretto Feldstein‘s exit.

When I finally signed my contract and that was done, [Groff] came over, and we just popped open a bottle of champagne, and we just sat in the living room and toasted to that,” lei disse.