Justin Glaze Returns to ‘Bachelor in Paradiseto Break Up Eliza Isichei and Rodney Matthews

This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of パラダイスの学士号.

でも私はあなたをとても愛していて、あなたがここにいることを幸せに思うことができませんでした returned to the beach on Monday’s episode of パラダイスの学士号 — and presented a real Halloween nightmare for Rodney Matthews.

でもまず, Victoria Fuller needed to decide between Johnny DePhillipo and her new flame, Alex Bordyukov.

I would love a full opportunity to explore this,” アレックス, 33, told Victoria, 28.

Victoria seemed open to giving him a chance. “You’re just so kind and everything about you is amazing, 本当に,” she told Alex.

ジョニー, 26, already decided to go all in on Victoria. “Watching you with someone else was like, the hardest thing,” he said to her. “It’s just so hard to see.

Bachelor in Paradise recap, alex victoria johnny

Bachelor in Paradise recap, alex victoria johnny

Craig Sjodin/Getty, ゲッティ経由のマールテンデボア/ ABC, Craig Sjodin/Getty

Victoria told Johnny that he thought their time apartconfirms and affirms that what we have is a really good thing, and that you like me.

Going into the rose ceremony, Victoria didn’t know who to pick. “If I were to write out what I ever wanted in a husband, it’s Alex,” she said in an on-camera interview. “I’m so attracted to both.

Jacob Rapini also needed to figure out who might give him a rose. He tried to reconnect Shanae Ankney, with whom he shared a kiss earlier in the season. ヤコブ, 27, and Shanae, 30, bonded over their love of having clean teeth and they role-played being at the dentist, with Jacob brushing Shanae’s teeth with charcoal toothpaste.


The women had the roses at the rose ceremony and Serene Russell started off by giving her rose to Brandon Jones. Danielle Maltby followed by extending hers to マイケル・アリオ. Eliza Isichei offered a rose to Rodney and Genevieve Parisi gave one to Aaron Clancy.

Jessenia Cruz 尋ねた アンドリュー・スペンサー if he’d accept her rose (he did!), Brittany Galvin presented her rose to Tyler Norris and Kate Gallivan offered hers to Logan Palmer.



ゲッティ経由のCraigSjodin / ABC, Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty

Shane indeed gave Jacob a rose, and Victoria decided to move forward with Johnny.

But that didn’t mean Alex would be going home. Florence Alexandra handed him a rose, meaning Adam Todd saidgoodbye.

I don’t want him watching over me,” Johnny told the cameras of Alex.


Victoria received a date card and asked out Johnny. They proceeded to a special ceremony, where the host asked them to strip down to their bathing suits and share their intentions for the day.

My intention today is for our relationship to have a new beginning,” ビクトリアは言った.

Johnny hesitated. “New beginnings for sure,” 彼は言った.

Victoria noticed Johnny’s reluctance to participate and told the cameras, “I personally was all about it. ジョニー, 一方で, was a little more apprehensive.She added how Johnnyhas some insecurities that we haven’t discussed yet.

The ceremony guide then asked Johnny and Victoria to share their fears.

I feel like I’ve always been let down by people and my fears are, 私が思うに, being hurt at the end of this,” Victoria told Johnny. “I’m just scared because I really like you.

Johnny had similar concerns. “I feel like every time I get close to someone, they disappear on me,” 彼は言った. “そしてまた, I have a fear that I’m not good enough for you. I feel like I’m not and I really want to be that person for you and I want to grow and do amazing things with you, but I’m afraid I’m not there yet.

Victoria assured, “I think you’re there.

Johnny acknowledged, “It’s hard to open up and it’s hard to be vulnerable for me.

Victoria and Johnny received a blessing at the end of the ceremony and touched based afterwards. “I can see a future with you,” Victoria said to Johnny.

カメラへ, Victoria confessed, “I am falling in love with him.

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ジャスティン, 28, decided to come back to Paradise because he heard Eliza, 26, showed up after he left. そしてもちろん, Justin entered with a date card.

He immediately pulled Eliza to talk and laid out that he returned for her. “私はとてもお世辞です,” Eliza said to Justin.

Eliza explained that she’d been talking to Rodney anddidn’t think I could see anyone else coming down those steps that I’d be interested in enough to talk to, but then you came.

Justin invited Eliza on the date and she accepted — but she still wanted to let Rodney know. “I want him to say, ‘You’re mine. Don’t go,'” Eliza told the cameras.

ロドニー, エリザ, Justin on Bachelor in Paradise

ロドニー, エリザ, Justin on Bachelor in Paradise

Craig Sjodin / ABC; Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty; ゲッティ経由のCraigSjodin / ABC

But Rodney took a different stance. “勝手に, I don’t want you to go, but that might be what’s best for you to truly gain clarity,” 彼は言った. “好き, I don’t want to be mean about it, rude about it, hypocritical, anything like that.

I’m not going to fight for someone to be like, ‘I want you,'” Eliza told the cameras.

So she proceeded to go to dinner with Justin.

Justin’s reappearance caused issues for Genevieve and Aaron, どちらも 27, 同様に. Aaron recounted to bartender Well Adams how Genevieve started out the show with Justin but when he entered, their stronger connection ultimately won out. Genevieve claimed that wasn’t exactly what happened, which then made Aaron feel like a second choice.

Him coming in today, I guess I just wanted to feel and know that eventually, you would fall in love with me for me,” アーロンは言った. “Not because I’m the guy that made you feel good and he made you feel bad.

It’s you I chose,” Genevieve insisted. “It’s you because of you, not because of a certain relationship not working.

Aaron explained to Genevieve that hewas really just trying to feel like I was special to you, or you understood me.Genevieve said, “That is so valid.

In an on-camera interview, Genevieve doubled down on her feelings. “I am falling in love with Aaron,” 彼女は言いました.


Eliza started off the night by recounting her conversation with Rodney to Justin.

I definitely thought that I was in something kind of solid for a minute. 私の言っていることが分かるよね?” Eliza said. “I hit it off with Rodney pretty quickly, so it definitely kind of threw me for a loop and I was definitely in my feelings because I think I was just surprised for the response that I got when I kind of breached the topic of, 'おい, today how do you feel about me going on a date with this other guy that I could potentially really like?'”

Justin said that his first time aroundwas somewhat similar” と “at certain times, you’ve just got to put yourself first.

That’s what I want: someone who’s intentional, someone who is direct and knows what they want and goes for it,” Eliza said. “So I think that’s why when you came down tonight and you were just like, no hesitation, just went for it, I was pleasantly surprised because I think that’s something I’ve been missing.

After the sentimental moment, a large bug landed on Justin’s arm and he jumped up from the table. Eliza swatted it off.

You’re gorgeous, でも私にとっては, it’s more than that,” Justin said to Eliza, adding that he thinksthere’s more than that quiet side” 彼女に.

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Justin asked Eliza what she wanted in a relationship. “I’m super romantic,” 彼女は言いました. “I love being pursued.Eliza also shared, “I’m ready to find the person that I want to be with.

I’m the exact same way,” Justin agreed. “I don’t want to settle for anything.

The date made Eliza think differently about how she wanted to move forward. “It made me realize that maybe there is a better fit for me and what I need in a partner,” she said in an on-camera interview.

その間, Rodney regretted not telling Eliza how he really felt. “If she comes back tonight and it’s Justin for her,” 彼は言った, “that would break my heart.

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