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Adam Levine Debuts Barbie-Inspired Manicure Because Pink ‘Always Wins

Adam Levine Debuts Barbie-Inspired Manicure Because Pink 'Always Wins'

Vamos, Raven Gates e Adam Gottschalk revelam o nome sentimental de seu novo bebê, let’s go party!

Adam Levine got a fresh new manicure to head into the weekend, inspired by Barbie’s go-to hue. Levine showed off his hot pink manicure on his Instagram Stories on Thursday, tagging his nail artist Kim Truong.

In a follow-up Instagram Story on Friday, Levine, 43, shared a selfie showing off his nails, escrita, “I just fwith pink. It always wins.He upped the Barbie factor, no entanto, by adding matching sunglasses in a similar shade.

The Maroon 5 frontman also tagged his tequila brand, Calirosa, which he owns with his wife, Behati Prinsloo, 34. The brand — which is one of Povos 50 Comida favorita de 2021 — makes three different tequilas, including the Rosa Blanco in a light pink shade that’s full of fruity flavors in the same color family, including strawberries and raspberries.

adam levine

adam levine
Crédito: Adam Levine/Instagram

The tequila, which is made in Mexico, gets its shade from being aged in red wine barrels, which Prinsloo explained to PEOPLE in September last year. “Adam e eu amamos o México e experimentamos uma tequila rosa pela primeira vez quando estávamos lá, três ou quatro anos atrás. Ficamos maravilhados. Eu nunca tinha ouvido falar de tequila sendo envelhecida em barris de vinho tinto, então eu estava pensando, 'Isso é loucura! Eles tingem isso?’ ” Prinsloo tells PEOPLE.

Adam Levine e Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine e Behati Prinsloo

The two are involved in all aspects of the business, right down to placing themselves in marketing photos for the company — complete with complementary manicures. In various other photos for the brand, o antigo Voz coach can be found donning a number of different colors on his fingernails. To show off the brand’s Extra Añejo, which is a darker red shade, both Levine and Prinsloo got matching deep red manicures that they shared on Instagram.

Levine has also gone with the classic black shade from time to time, including in this December snap with Marc Anthony (also enjoying his own tequila), as well as a delicate pink and sparkly set in May. In a closeup shot posted to Calirosa’s Instagram, you can see the lightest of link pink shades on a few of Levine’s fingers. The pinky nail, no entanto, is the star of the show with a glittery polish on it.

Clearly a fan of the color pink, Levine even went matchy-matchy with the whole family — including his daughters, Dusty Rose, 5, and Gio Grace, 4 — in April 2021. He posted the family photo to Instagram with everyone wearing pink and white dresses, escrita, “girls just wanna have fun.

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Commenters were overwhelmingly supportive of Levine dressing up with all his girls na fotografia, chiming in to call him a good dad. A few even wrote that they hope to find a similar situation of their own some day.

Over-the-top fashion and beauty are part of Levine’s everyday life, no entanto. He’s someone who’s covered in tattoos and has been known to dabble in vibrantly colored hair também. Right now he has no hair on the top of his head, but he does have a beard that he could dye pink to match his Barbie-inspired nails. Maybe someday!