David Lynch Cast in Steven Spielberg’s Movie Loosely Based on Spielberg’s Childhood: 報告

David Lynch Cast in Steven Spielberg's Movie Loosely Based on Spielberg's Childhood: 報告

Director David Lynch has been cast in a top-secret role in スティーブン・スピルバーグ近々 半自伝的映画.

Lynch — the 76-year-old Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind movies like エレファントマン, 青いビロードマルホランドドライブ — joins a star-studded cast that includes Michelle Williams, セス・ローゲンとポール・ダノ ファベルマン, バラエティ 彼の弁護人は木曜日、証人をスタンドに呼ばずに訴訟を休んだ。. The film is said to be loosely based on Spielberg’s own childhood, with Williams and Dano has characters inspired by his parents.

スピルバーグ, 75, and Tony Kushner, 最近協力した人 ウエストサイドストーリー リメイク, 一緒に脚本を書いた.

以前に報告された ファベルマン 今年11月に劇場に上映される予定です. 23.

キャストにはジャド・ハーシュも含まれています, ジーニー・バーリンと ハリウッドで昔々 ブレイクアウトジュリアバター.

This isn’t the first time director Lynch has acted. He played Gordon Cole on his TV series ツイン・ピークス, had a recurring voice role on The Cleveland Show and starred opposite Harry Dean Stanton in 2017’s ラッキー.


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Lynch recalled in his 2018 伝記 Room to Dream a time when he spoke with Spielberg at a party.

彼が書きました: “I was at this party once and Spielberg was there and i said to him, ‘You’re so lucky because the things you love millions of people love, and the things I love thousands of people love.’ 彼は言った, ‘David, we’re getting to the point where just as many people will have seen Eraserhead as have seen Jaws.’ わかりません. All I know is that there are lots of films out there and I don’t know if anybody cares.