John Leguizamo Reveals He Has Recurring Dreams of Being Chased: ‘It’s Like an Action Movie’

John Leguizamo One Last Thing

John Leguizamo One Last Thing

Photo: Guido Venitucci

John Leguizamo may have an occupational hazzard on his hands.

The actor, 62, admits he has a frequent recurring dream: “I’m always being chased — by dogs, murderers — like an action movie,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. Luckily, his wife Justine Maurer is always at the ready. “She has to put her hand on me because I’m about to yell.”

Leguizamo, who is currently starring in two new films The Menu and Violent Night, spoke to PEOPLE for One Last Thing:

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2022 Oscars Portrait studio

2022 Oscars Portrait studio

Photographs @adrienneraquel

Last DIY Project: I like to think of myself as a gardener, and I tried to do my backyard here in Manhattan. I put in thousands of dollars of plants, and it was like Death Valley. I’ve got the opposite of a green thumb.

Last time I was injured: I bashed my toe and broke it. I’m the only one who will answer the door, and the FedEx guy comes, so I run in my socks, I slip, I hit the baseboard, and then I’m cursing.

Last obsession: We were in Rome and going from one amazing restaurant to the next, having a cacio e pepe contest. I’m a carboholic. Bring it.

Last tattoo I got: It’s the only one I have, and I love it. It’s an Incan knife on the right arm. I was 36, and hell yeah, it hurt. I had to do it in two sessions, like “I’ve had enough. Three hours of you jabbing me with that needle. There’s not enough alcohol to anesthetize me.”

The Menu and Violent Night are in theaters now.