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Katherine Heigl Watches Daughter’s First Time on The View a Decade Later with Her in Audience

Katherine Heigl with her family

Katherine Heigl with her family

Foto: Katherine Heigl Instagram

Katherine Heigl is reflecting on her early days as a mom.

While Heigl appeared on La vista lunedì, her daughter Naleigh, 13, was in the audience to support her mom, prompting the show to air a clip from the first time she accompanied the actress to the show as a little girl in 2012.

The sweet throwback clip showed Heigl talking about Naleigh’s adoption and the camera panning to the little girl, who upon making eye contact with Heigl made her way on stage to hug her mom.

The clip left the Grey's Anatomy alum in tears, as she looked back at the time in her life.

Naleigh came to us at 9 months and three days later I got on a plane and went to work in Atlanta. Al tempo, becoming a new mother I was just like, ‘I got it, capito, I can handle this,’ ” ha ricordato.

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“Sai, ‘They’ve told us we can have it all. We can have careers and families and it’s all going to be great. It’s all going to work out.I never saw that baby,” the mom of three revealed, continuing to get emotional.

Notando che lei “spent more timewith the triplets she was working with on set than with Naleigh, lei spiegò, “she bonded with my husband — of course — he was with her. So I was always afraid I had missed this opportunity to bond with her, and that she didn’t love me.

Talking about being a mom to Naleigh, as well as 10-year-old daughter Adalaide and 5-year-old son Joshua with her husband, cantante Josh Kelley, Heigl was asked whether she’d let her kids go into modeling, where her own career started.

Katherine Heigl Emotionally Watches Daughter's First Time on 'The View' a Decade Ago with Her in the Audience

Katherine Heigl Emotionally Watches Daughter's First Time on 'The View' a Decade Ago with Her in the Audience

the view

“Oh, god, Grazie. Thank you so much for that. Now my children have ammunition,” ha scherzato, before continuing, “I wouldn’t do what my mother did for me.

I wouldn’t schlep — she schlepped me all over the city. Voglio dire, we were taking subways, hoofing it, we took the train into Grand Central. We went from one side of the city to the other side for go-sees and auditions and all this stuff,” ha ricordato.

While she wouldn’t want it for her own children, Heigl did recall that sheloved it.

To me it was like a really elaborate game of make-believe and I always loved make-believe,” lei ha condiviso. “Per qualche ragione, I always cast myself as the secretary or the nurse. But now I cast myself as the doctor.