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Kanye West Credits Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for Helping Him Attend Daughter Chicago’s Birthday Party

Kanye West Credits Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for Helping Him Attend Daughter Chicago's Birthday Party

Kanye West is expressing his gratitude for Travis Scott.

West’s daughter Chicago, whom he shares with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, celebrated her 4th birthday di sabato. Despite the “Uragano” rapper’s claim he wasn’t invited, a source tells PEOPLE he isalways welcome and does come to family events— and indeed, West was seen at the celebration on Sunday.

in an Instagram clip condiviso da Hollywood Unlocked on the same day as the party, 44-year-old West said he was ultimately able to attend because of Scott and Kylie Jenner.

“Me, I’m so happy right now,” West said in the video. “I just came from Chi’s party and I just gotta shout out to Travis Scott for sending me the address and the time, and making sure that I was able to spend that birthday memory with my daughter to be there with the rest of the family.

Il “Good Liferapper later added that Jenner, 24, let him into the party after securitystoppedhim when he first got there.

It’s just a matter of having a conversation, open dialogue and everyone had a great time — I’m really happy that I could be there for my children.

He concluded the video by thanking fans for their support and said, “My life centers around my children.

Scott’s rep did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Kardashian, 41, filed for divorce from the rapper in February 2021. The couple shares daughters North, 8, and Chicago — and two sons — Saint, 6, e Salmo, 2½.

Durante il fine settimana, a source told PEOPLE that Kardashian was upset with West over comments he made in his upcoming Hollywood Unlocked colloquio.

In the interview with Jason Lee, West claimed that he had a dispute with Kardashian’s security team while picking up the couple’s children from school. A un certo punto, West claimed security wouldn’t allow him into her home with their daughter North.

A source close to Kardashian told PEOPLE that while many of West’s claims in the interview are “falso,” West was in factnot allowed insidethe star’s home that day, but says securitydidn’t stop him from seeing the kids, picking them up or dropping them off.

He just can no longer walk inside her home without her permission,” la fonte ha detto, adding that Kardashianhas a right to privacy and is trying to set healthy boundaries.

The source said that Kardashianonly wants to protect her children and ensure they have a great relationship with both parentsin wake of their split. They also called West’s decision to discuss their personal business in the upcoming interviewupsetting.

nel frattempo, in dicembre, PEOPLE reported that West has purchased a home next door to the Kardashian residence. He later confirmed the news and said he purposely bought it in order to see his kids more during the Hollywood Unlocked colloquio.

Nothing with my career, with this rap, with this media, with none of that, that’s gonna keep me from my children,” Egli ha detto. “And that’s what I want everybody to know.

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Kardashian was seen tenersi per mano insieme a Sabato sera in diretta comico Pete Davidson in October and the couple has been dating since.

Di venerdì, West released a new song with The Game titledEazy that references Davidson, 28.

In the track, West references his near-fatal car crash from 2002 and raps, “God saved me from that crash/ just so I can beat Pete Davidson‘s ass.

After Davidson’s name is mentioned, a woman’s voice, which sounds a lot like his estranged wife’s, is sampled and saysWho?”

While West makes several references in the track about his ex and Davidson, he also mentions having a new girl, rappare “my new bitch bad, I know Illuminati mad.West has been dating actress Giulia Volpe after meeting her in Miami at the start of this year.