オックスフォード高校の射撃サバイバーが感情的なAGTオーディションで裁判官を動かす: 「愛は憎しみよりも強い’

オックスフォード高校の射撃サバイバーが感情的なAGTオーディションで裁判官を動かす: 'Love Is Stronger Than Hate'

NS アメリカズ・ゴット・タレント judges were wowed this week by an 18-year-old singer who survived a school shooting in Oxford, ミシガン.

During Tuesday’s episode, Oxford High School senior Ava Swiss took the stage to perform the song “覚えて” by Lauren Daigle. Prior to singing, Swiss revealed that she was a survivor of the mass shooting that unfolded in November 2021.

Back on November 30, my brother and I were a part of the Oxford school shooting,” Swiss explained. “We’ve lost four of our students and seven others were injured, one of which was a teacher.

When judge サイモンカウエル asked how she’s been doing since the tragedy, Swiss told him, “大変でした. I remember my brother and I, we were talking to each other and we said, ‘There’s no way we’re ever stepping foot back in the school.But we’ve actually been in person in the school for about two months now, so things are getting better.

After delivering a powerful performance, Swiss received a standing ovation from the judges, as well as four unanimous yeses to continue on to the next round.

“生活の中で, it’s tough to show up, especially after going through incredible trauma,” 言った ホーウィー・マンデル. “The fact that you can break through that, and shine you way you did today, is so inspirational for every human being.

ハイディクルム called Swiss “信じられない” while fellow judge Sofía Vergara noted how Swisstook my breath away” と “gave me goosebumps.

I think you are gutsy,” added Cowell. “私のため, this is one of those auditions I’ll never forget. I really have so much respect for you, and on top of that, you’ve got a great voice. You’re really somebody who I’m so happy to have met.


Ava Swiss on America’s Got Talent
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Following her emotional audition, Swiss tells PEOPLE that the moment still feels “シュール。”

I remember being on the stage and thinking, 'わお, you’re really here. It’s really happening.’ つまり, all my life, all my childhood I watched the show and I always kind of dreamed that I would be able to be on that stage one day,” 彼女が言います. “So when I was there, and then on top of it, getting all of the positive feedback, I felt very, very proud of myselfIt was an overwhelming amount of happiness.

Speaking to why she wanted to audition, Swiss says she was inspired by her hometown’s strength and unity, and wanted to represent them in a positive light.

After some time of coping and thinking and everything, I felt like I should use it as an opportunity to try to show more people than I ever imagined who Oxford really is,” 彼女は説明します. “We’re not just a town with a tragedy. I wanted to show them what our community is really like, 最も重要な, how a community can come together and how they have proved that things do get better with hope, love and support.


Ava Swiss
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Of the four victims who lost their lives that day, Swiss says she was friendly with one: 17-year-old Justin Shilling. Though they had distanced in the last two years of his life, in part due to remote learning amid the COVID pandemic, Swiss believes her late friend would’ve been proud of her 8 オーディション.

Freshman year, we had a huge crush on each other all year,” 彼女は思い出します. “He was just one of those people where even if we kind of faded over time, he would always come back around and he’d be the type to come back and say, 'おい, おめでとう. 私はあなたをとても誇りに思っています. This is amazing.He’d be the one to reach out no matter how much time has gone by.

As she moves forward on the show, Swiss hopes that she can send an important message to viewers at home.

Love is stronger than hate,” 彼女が言います. “Lots of people still can’t fully heal, especially the four families. It’s obviously a lot harder for them. But with time, things do get better with hope and with support and with love from other people.

The weeks after everything had happened, the amount of donations that [we received], even big companies like Chick-fil-A and Olive Garden were donating pounds and pounds of food to us,” 彼女は付け加えます. “It was the simplest things like that that really showed us … つまり, that’s what got us through, 私が思うに, is the love and support.

While she prepares for the next round of the competition, Swiss says she’s most excited to keep singing and connect with others.

I’m just hoping that I can reach even more people and share my message and share my story and my voice,” 彼女が言います. “One of my favorite parts of this whole experience, even when I went to LA back in April, I loved all the new people I got to meet. Because again, even after everything on November 30th, I met some really amazing people and I had some really amazing people reach out to me and it just shows how much kindness there is in the world.

So I’d love being able to meet some more people that are like me, and even people that share passion for singing, it’s very cool,” 彼女は付け加えます. “I’ve performed a lot, but not ever this big. It’s very surreal.

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