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Finneas Reveals Camp Rock Made Him Want to Pick Up Guitar: ‘Jonas Brothers Are Songwriters, Cara’

Finneas and Kevin Jonas

Finneas and Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas; Finneas.
foto: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty, Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Se Finneas is looking for the voice he hears inside his head (the reason that he’s singing), he doesn’t need to look much further than Camp Rock.

The Grammy-winning musician revealed in a Hollywood Reporter songwriters roundtable Friday that he was inspired to pick up the guitar because of the Jonas Brothersiconic film.

Camp Rock made me want to learn how to play guitar, Joe,” the songwriter told Joe Jonas himself during the chat.

camp rock

camp rock

John Medland/Disney Channel via Getty

The conversation between the two men hailing from musical families also included David Byrne, Ruth B, and Diane Warren — as Joe and Finneas had a brief aside about the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie. “Jonas Brothers are songwriters, homem,” Finneas said. “I think that separates him from a traditional boy band.

Jonas also shared his thoughts on Pixar’s Turning Red, which included appearances from the group 4*Town — a fictional boyband that Finneas and his sister Billie Eilish wrote music for.

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I was just sitting here thinking, because there have been opportunities in the past where I’ve written or might be a part of the writing [of a song] for animation — it’s always interesting, the places that you’re put in. E obviamente, it’s a slow process. It’s much slower than a traditional film,” Jonas said. “So I’m curious what that was like for you, Finneas, just watching your characters, your songs develop into animation. Just probably so trippy and inspiring in some ways.

Instead of answering Jonas’ pergunta, Finneas expressed his love for Camp Rock, to which Joe joked: “It made me want to learn how to play guitar, também, and I still am trying.



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Enquanto Camp Rock is unlikely to see any developments anytime soon — outside of the High School Musical: O musical: As séries cast doing a rendition ofThis is Me— it still holds a special place in pop-culture history.

De volta 2020, a JoBros recreated a scene from the film complete with throwback hairstyles, as they did the wholedon’t want to waste my summer at some campsegment for TikTok. And even a few years before then, Nick advocated for an R-rated installment to the hit Disney Channel films (que Joe Jonas e Demi Lovato spoke of before him), telling PEOPLE thatif the right thing comes together, I think that’d be fun.

It’s a really delicate thing because [they’re two films] really beloved by fans. So I think for it to work, it’d have to be some creative new version where we get a writing team and do something special,” Nick said at the time. “But I absolutely love working with Demi and my brothers.