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Wis mancante. Donna, 70, Now Believed to Be Victim of Homicide as Police Identify 2 Persons of Interest

Wis mancante. Donna, 70, Now Believed to Be Victim of Homicide as Police Identify 2 Persons of Interest

A Wisconsin woman, who vanished from her home in 2021, is now believed to be the victim of a homicide, la polizia ha detto.

The Franklin Police Department said investigators have two persons of interest in the March 26, 2021, disappearance of Sandy Eckert.

We no longer have a missing person investigation,” sergente. Jeremy Fadness tells PEOPLE. “We have a homicide investigation and we have identified two people of interest. The investigation has touched the hearts of the officers and investigators and we are dedicated to finding out exactly what happened to Mrs. Eckert.

Both people were known to her, la polizia ha detto, il Milwaukee Journal Sentinel segnalato.

It’s promising to know that answers and justice are on the horizon,” one of her daughters said in a statement to TMJ4 News. “Although answers won’t bring my mom back, they will help to properly grieve and honor her. I won’t stop fighting until she gets the justice she deserves, and I thank each and every person that has helped get us to this point.

Investigators searched a home in Waukesha on June 7, Fadness says.

Sandra Eckert

Sandra Eckert

Eckert’s daughter reported her mother missing after she didn’t show up to Easter brunch, TMJ4 News segnalato.

Her car, a gray 2005 Dodge Stratus sedan, was spotted at 3 sono. a marzo 27 by the Muskego Police Department.

It was not stopped by police,” says Fadness. “It was a routine registration check on the vehicle.

Since her disappearance, she has not used her cell phone, bank accounts or social media, Fadness says.

Fadness says they have followed up ontips where people mentioned they had seen her but none of those tips have been credible.

Eckert’s husband, Wes, detto il Journal Sentinel that she allegedly left her Franklin home after arguing with him about his late mother’s will.

Wes alleged his wife took thousands of dollars in cash from the home before she walked out.

Having a bundle of cash in the wrong neighborhood, that could get you in trouble,” Egli ha detto, il Journal Sentinel segnalato. “She wouldn’t run out on her kids and grandkids.

Anyone with information about Eckert’s case is asked to contact the Franklin Police Department at 414-425-2522.