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Pentatonix’s Scott and Mitch Reveal Their ‘Legend StatusFavorite Celeb Musical Collaborations

Pentatonice members Scott Hoying e Mitch Grassi are still pinching themselves over the musical legends they’ve worked in recent years, despite being global multi-platinum artists themselves!

On Friday’s episode of the PERSONE ogni giorno podcast, vocalists Hoying and Grassi discussed their all-time favorite collaboration among a list of artists that includes Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, Dolly Parton, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus e Robinson affumicato.

“direi Stevie Wonder. Voglio dire, legend status. Everybody you named is a legend, but that was the one where I was like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,'” Grassi, 30, racconta PERSONE. “And he sang flawlessly and that was one of my favorite performances we ever did too.

As for Hoying’s choice? “The one person that like kind of stood out was Dolly Parton, just because she just feels like this untouchable goddess … Come, that we would never collaborate with,” the 31-year-old says of the country legend, with whom they won a Grammy for theirJolenecollaboration. “That was such an amazing experience and she was so professional and fun and sweet and warm. She didn’t even act like a famous person sometimes acts — not at all for how legendary she is.



Chris Willard/Disney

The a cappella group of five, which also consists of members Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee, are currently on a Christmas tour and have a special streaming on Disney+.

We reached out to Disney a hundred thousand times because we all are such big Disney fans and it’d be our dream to have a special,” Hoying says of the band’s dream project.

The original concept, lui dice, was to travel to different countries, but they wound up having to do it virtually due to the pandemic.

But it ended up being cute,” lui dice. “Eravamo come, did this whole concept where we’re stuck in a mail room and then we virtually go to all these places.

It was really cool to see different cultures and how they celebrate their holidays and how they create music,” Hoying adds. “And collaborating with all these iconic artists was a dream come true.

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Not to mention, the music is a natural fit for their talents and interests. “We all love Christmas,” lui dice, “so it feels very authentic when we do it. And that’s why we have ’90 Christmas songs out —literally, that number!”

Despite the band being hugely in demand around the holidays, the main thing that Grassi says he looks forward to, during Christmas especially, is spending family.

I always say that my favorite tradition is getting a break at the end of the year and spending time with my family and resting and eating,” the Arlington, Tex. native shares. “Sai, just soaking up that family time. It’s really crucial.

Hoying has been feeling the love as well. Nearly six months have passed since he proposed to his longtime love Mark Manio, and he’s still on cloud nine.

I have never met anyone that was so kind and selfless,” Hoying said during a Zoom interview with PEOPLE in September alongside his fiancé. “I have always just felt so comfortable with him. Right from the beginning, we would talk for hours about things. We have so many similar interests and we have so much fun together.

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It was so easy to fall in love with Scott,” adds Manio, 31. “He’s the most lovable, tipo, premuroso, compassionate, handsome guy ever. I honestly fell in love very quickly. E onestamente, every single day I fall in love with them even more. Every day just feels like magic with him.

The magic of Pentatonice: Around the World for the Holidays è ora in streaming su Disney+.