I Dream of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden Shows Off Her L.A. Home — and Collection of Genie Bottles!

I Dream of Jeannie's Barbara Eden Shows Off Her L.A. Home — and Collection of Genie Bottles!

Barbara Eden’s Beverly Hills home is filled with memories (and genie bottles) from a career that’s spanned over six decades.

In an exclusive video (above), the I Dream of Jeannie star, 90, takes PEOPLE on a tour of the charming L.A. home she shares with her husband of 30 years, real estate developer Jon Eicholtz, and their labradoodle Bentley,

Her office is home to some of her greatest treasures. “Here are the bottles — all kinds of bottles,” Eden says with a smile, showcasing her eclectic collection of dozens of genie bottles. Many are gifts from fans, but there’s one bottle in particular that holds a special place in her heart.


Credit: Courtesy Everett Collection

“This is the original genie bottle,” Eden says of the purple and gold bottle that appeared on the hit 1960s sitcom that shot the actress to Hollywood fame. “It’s not usually here. I keep it in the bank. It has a few nicks. It’s been around a while. It’s got a chip there and a chip there, but it’s the real thing.”

Aside from her the sentimental collection of bottles, the actress’s shelves are home to countless books, memorabilia and awards. One brings out a little laugh from the star: “The first Hollywood beauty award, oh my – 2015! They’re very nice.”

Opposite the shelves is a wall that tells the story of her decades-long career.  

“Here is the Hollywood star, Walk of Fame,” Eden recalls. “It was a wonderful event. It meant a great deal to me, especially since Bob Hope came to the event, and so did my son.”

Photos from her time on the set of Your Mother Wears Combat Boots, a snapshot with Elvis, and a picture of her and her castmates in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea all grace the walls.

Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden
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The actress’s journey has brought her plenty of joy and success, but she’s also experienced times of personal pain. In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Eden opens up about the challenges she’s faced, the lessons she’s learned and why she doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.

After two divorces, the loss of an unborn child and her son Matthew’s 2001 death at age 35 following a heroin overdose, Eden has still found the strength to be happy again.

“I’m really lucky,” she says. “I have dear friends. I have a wonderful family, a very supportive husband, a dog who is adorable, but a brat! Yes, I’m very happy. I think life, everything, has to work itself out. There’s a reason for most things, and I can’t wish for it.”