サラ・バレリス is sharing her experience with taking medication “初めて” as she battles depression and anxiety.

火曜日, NS “Love Song” 歌手, 42, posted a photo holding half of a white pill in her hand.

This is my medicine,” she began the vulnerable caption before acknowledging hernot pictured medicinesin the form offriends/family, 治療, エクササイズ, sleep and meditation).”

She continued and said after two decadesof feeling very strongly that it was not the path I needed to take…I have tried medication for the first time.

Bareilles described the changes she’s already witnessed, 追加する, “For the first time in months I can feel myself again- my joy, my optimism and my laughter are among some of the precious parts of myself I have rediscovered.

They sit at my soul’s table, along with my sweet sadness and my tender anxiety…who, ところで, aren’t the only ones talking anymore. It is a profound, holy relief,” Bareilles shared.

Opening up about her struggle with depression and anxiety, she shared a message forthose who don’t understand it or have never dealt with it,” と書いた, “from the inside of depression and anxiety sometimes you can’t see the possibility of a way out, much less the path itself.

NS Girls5va star described theemotionsshe’s experienced over the last year, telling her supporters, “I felt desperate and overwhelmed almost all the time. The amount of energy it took to “管理” my emotions (I use that term loosely because that makes me seem like I had a handle on anything) would exhaust me so much that my whole sense of myself got distorted. I didn’t feel like me anymore.

バレリス, WHO 人々に開かれた 約 “dealing with old demons of anxiety and depression” 7月に 2020, went on to explain thatdepression is not rational. It does not respond “感謝したいことがたくさんある”, また “just concentrate on the good things”.

関連動画: 過去のトラウマとメンタルヘルスの闘いの後の癒しに関するジェイミー・リン・スピアーズ: 私は「平和」を見つけました’

I have moved through depression and anxiety many times in my life, but this time I needed extra help,” she added before revealing she questioned her decision to take medication, asking herselfWhat am I trying to suppress?” “Am I taking a short cut instead of doing the work?” “I’m afraid I won’t recognize myself anymore.

“私のため, the truth was that this medicine helped me see myself again, without the cloak of depression and anxiety. I remember myself,” Bareilles said.

Concluding by thanking her boyfriend, actor Joe Trippett, for his support, the singer told him “愛してます,” stating she’s “ラッキー” 持つため “an incredible partner and angelic friends who have listened, lifted up, comforted and encouraged me to do what needs to be done to feel better.

It ultimately came down to me though. This was more than I could hold on my own,” Bareilles said of her decision as she revealed, “I was blessed with a breaking point. So let it all break open…so it can be reassembled to be stronger than before. Keep going. もう一度始めてください。”

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