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Fredrik Eklund Takes Daughter on ‘SpecialYearly Trip without Twin Brother Over Thanksgiving

Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund

Foto: Fredrik Eklund/instagram

Fredrik Eklund is enjoying some solo time with his little girl!

On Thanksgiving Day last week, il Elenco di milioni di dollari allume, 45, shared a photo with his 5-year-old daughter Milla on Instagram of the pair at the airport before heading off to Sweden together for the second year in a row.

Eklund, who shares twins Milla and Freddy Jr. con il marito Derek Kaplan, takes his son and daughter on separate trips each year as a way to spend individual time with them.

It’s time for that special yearly Dada-Milla trip just the two of us! The kids could pick anywhere in the world and Milla picked Sweden again for the 2nd year in a row!” Eklund wrote alongside a sweet picture of the smiling father-daughter duo.

She says she loved the pancakes the most thereI hope we get some snow! ❄️ Wish me luck as we go from LA to Stockholm and back in 4 giorni – and it’s 14 hours via Cooenhagen with a 5-year old,” Lui continuò. “But as you can see she is so excited and you know how important I think it’s to split twins and give them their own special time on these trips.

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Eklund noted that for his son’s special trip, che è “coming up soon,” the 5-year-old has chosen to go to Hawaii.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you out there from us… and you’re coming with on our trip 😜❤️✈️👨‍👧🇸🇪,” "Siamo così innamorati".

L'anno scorso, Eklund took Milla on a trip to Sweden in July 2021 e, nearly one month later, took his son on vacation to Greece.

In honor of his children’s 5th birthday earlier this month, Eklund shared a series of pictures on Instagram of him and his husband and their twins.

Contento 5 years to the twins!” Eklund began his caption. “I’m not really sure what happened to five years to be honest, it’s kind of scary woah like the dimension of time got bent by love… but here we are, we survived, and can only dream the next five years will be as magical as the first.

Lui continuò, “The memories are endless, we gave it all, and I don’t regret a single second, not even the mistakes.

Getting candid about parenthood, scrisse, “I’m not going to sugarcoat it, having kids (especially twins) is hard but you know how that works right, when their warm little doughy bodies cuddle up to you and they say they love you it’s like nothing else on this earth?”

“Comunque, happy birthday big Milla and Freddy, your daddies love you so much to the end of time ❤️,” ha concluso.