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Watch Serena Williams Critique Daughter Olympia’s Baking as She Practices ‘Being a Food Judge

Serena Williams Sweetly Critiques Daughter Olympia's Baking as She Practices 'Being a Food Judge'

Serena Williams Sweetly Critiques Daughter Olympia's Baking as She Practices 'Being a Food Judge'

Foto: Serena Williams/Instagram (2)

Serena Williams is a tough but fair judge when it comes to baked goods.

The retired tennis superstar, 41, shared a cute video on Tic toc Tuesday where she noted she wasgetting myself ready to be a food judge one day.The clip shows Williams tasting cookies baked by daughter Olimpia, 5, with some help from her sous chef, Alexis Ohanian.

I am judging Olympia’s lemon cookies, they’re really delicious,” says Williams. “I would like for the size to be more even I think this one’s a little bigger than this one, even if you put them on top of each other, they’re different sizes. So typically when you’re doing the sizes, you want them to be even.

Williams then goes on to compliment the glitter used to top off the cookies, praising her daughter forgoing for different looks.

Prossimo, she breaks the cookie apart. “I love how when you break it apart, it’s really easy to break. So it means that it’s actually a very soft cookie,” lei spiega, breaking another treat in half.

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That one’s just as soft and the inside is soft as well,” she observes, tapping on the inside. “I’m hitting that on the inside and that’s really smooth and soft.

Williams then moves on to the glaze on the cookies, offering some constructive criticism.

I think the glazing could actually do a little bit more even, but I know your sous chef probably did that,” lei nota. And so when your sous chef is doing things, you just have to be over them. You don’t want them to sabotage anything that you’re doing — and in this case, I know your sous chef like to sabotage.

Olympia giggles in the background as Williams goes on to taste the cookie.

This has a great bake. I love how it tastes on my palette. I love how the icing actually isn’t overpowering and too sweet for the cookie,” says Williams. “It almost feels like a cake cookie.

<ahref="" collegamento dati="VERO">Serena Williams</un> and Alexis Ohanian

<ahref="" collegamento dati="VERO">Serena Williams</un> and Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams/Instagram

Alla fine della clip, the athlete calls Olympia over to her and celebrates her success.

You did a really good job with this. Vieni qui, let me shake your hand. That was good,” lei dice, shaking Olympia’s hand as she looks straight into the camera and says, “This is crazy!” prompting the pair to erupt into laughter as the video ends.

The tennis icon recently appeared on an episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast where she opened up about her more relaxed daily schedule after announcing in August that she was stepping away from the game.

She wants to make sure that Io sono aware that I should have time on my hands and I need to spend more time with her,” the 23-time Grand Slam champion said of her daughter, ridendo. “I’m always like, ‘Olympia, I’m not working now.’ Lei è come, 'Sì, you don’t play tennis!’ Lei è come, 'Sì!’ And I don’t really quite know how to feel about that!”

lei ha continuato, “È divertente … but it’s good because little kids really want to be with their parents. And I just feel fortunate that she wants to be with me. That’s kind of how I look at it, [perché] she could feel a different way, and I’m glad she doesn’t.