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Amanda Kloots Says Son Elvis Would Start ‘CryingWhen She Went on Dates: ‘I Feel Guilt

Amanda Kloots home

Amanda Kloots home

Foto: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Amanda Kloots is opening up about the difficulties of dating as a single mom after losing marito Nick agnello.

Appearing on a recent episode of Jana Kramer’s podcast piagnucolio, the TV personality, 40, discussed the challenges that both she and her 3-year-old son Elvis edward face when it comes to her going on dates.

I have not dated a lot. This is the first time I’m dating, a 40 Anni,” lei ha condiviso. “I would make all this effort to go on these dates … Elvis would be crying at the door, I’d be walking away being like, ‘Why am I leaving my son to go meet this person I don’t even know? I’m stressed out now. I feel guilt.’ ”

She noted that she hasn’t been on any dates in the last two months, which she feelstotally fine about.

“Sono così felice, Lo adoro,” lei ha aggiunto. “I love not having to stress.

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Amanda Kloots and Son Elvis

Amanda Kloots and Son Elvis

Amanda Kloots/instagram

Kloots and the Broadway actor moved to Los Angeles from New York City during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 when Elvis was just 9 Vecchio di mesi. Shortly after their move, Cordero fell ill with the virus and suffered many complications, including needing his leg amputated and being placed into a coma.

A luglio 5, 2020, Cordero died from complications, leaving Kloots behind to care for their son.

Speaking to PEOPLE about looking for love again, Il discorso co-host said she’s beenvery focused on Elvis and our relationship and work, which has been actually wonderful and very fulfilling.

When it comes to what she’s looking for, the professional dancer admits she wants it to feel right.

I’m extremely picky,” Kloots shared. “lo sono sempre stato. I know it sounds silly, but I just hope that they naturally walk into my life. I’m not putting any pressure on it.

Kloots admitted she’s not closed off to the idea of having more children, o.

I am open to all of it,” lei disse. “I’m open to a blended family. I’m open to the possibility of trying to have another child. I’m open to the fact that I feel so lucky and blessed that I have a beautiful, healthy little boy, and if that is what God gives me, then I’m perfectly happy with that too. I really am not setting any parameters on any of that.