Miley Cyrus Is Leaving Her 20s with a Bang(erz): It’s ‘Now or Neverfor Forbes 30 下 30 List

Miley Cyrus Is Leaving Her 20s with a Bang(erz): It's 'Now or Never' for Forbes 30 下 30 List

年 29 is off to a good start for マイリー・サイラス!

NS バンガーズ 歌姫 was named NS フォーブスannual 30 下 30 List on Wednesday (along with the listsall-time 30 下 30) and the singer expressed her gratitude in a Twitterの投稿 発表を受けて.

FORBES 30 UNDER 30,the 29-year-old singer captioned a behind the scenes video from her フォーブス 表紙撮影. “私は向きを変えた 29 先週. It was now or never. Thank you for the honor. @Forbes@happyhippiefdn@gucci.”

ビデオで, Cyrus said that songwriting is thegreatest joy that I have in my life.

It’s my favorite element of what I do. Taking it in and being grateful every day for the fact that I write songs for a living because a lot of people write songs and it doesn’t get to be what keeps their lights on and for me to be able to be one of those people, I never forget how lucky I am,” 彼女は言いました.

彼女は続けた, “With anything, distance makes the heart grow fonder so having that distance from my fans for the longest I’ve ever had since I was 12 年, almost two years separated from me and my audience, the pandemic kind of reignited and just lit that spark again for me, the gratitude that I have to be a live musician, first.

Cyrus also served as a judge for selecting this year’s other music honorees, これは含まれて ジャック・ハーロウ, オリビア・ロドリゴ, ウィロー・スミス, ティナーシェ, リル・ナズ・Xとオリビア・ロドリゴ・リード キッドLAROI.

The iconic singer-songwriter first made the list in 2014, following the release of her hit album バンガーズ. それ以来, NS ハンナモンタナ alum has released three albums, founded the Happy Hippie Foundation, and is an investor in startups including FanMade and feminine products company Hers.

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月曜日に, it was announced that Cyrus will ring in the new year alongside ピート・デイヴィッドソン by hosting Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party Hosted by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson for NBC. The special will air live from Miami on Dec. 31 から 10:30 午後. それまで 12:30 午前. ET で、Peacock でライブ ストリーミングされます.

その間, 10月中, the multi-platform star opened up about the unique space she holds in the music industry with country singer ミッキー・ガイトン にとって 転がる石‘s Musicians on Musicians, and explained why she feels the need to always strive to be better.

I don’t even feel that it’s enough for me to be considered one of the best rock singers of this generations, because there’s not enough of them and I want more competition,” Cyrus said at the time. “Not only do I want to share my light, but I love competition.

She later continued, “I want other people that are like me around, so I know that I deserve my place because I’m fighting for it all the time,” 彼女は言いました. “That’s the way I think. I have no desire to be the best, because I want to get better. And you don’t want to be the best because you’re the only.