最後の 2 ジョージ・フロイドの死で有罪判決を受けた役員 3 刑務所での年

最後の 2 Officers Convicted in George Floyd's Death Sentenced to 3 刑務所での年

The last two officers involved in the death of ジョージ・フロイド have received prison sentences fordepriving [フロイド] of his Constitutional rights.

a Wednesday release, the United States Department of Justice revealed that the two former Minneapolis Police Department officers — Tou Thao, 36, and J. Alexander Kueng, 28 — have been ordered to serve 42 月と 36 刑務所での月, それぞれ.

Along with fellow ex-officer Thomas Lane, Thao and Kueng were convicted in February, after facing federal charges of violating Floyd’s constitutional rights by showing deliberate indifference to his medical needs and failing to provide aid as デレク・ショーヴィン, the senior officer on the scene, fatally pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes.

They all testified on their own behalf to say they were trusting Chauvin’s lead, while Kueng and Thao each faced an additional charge of failing to intervene as Chauvin harmed Floyd, on which they were also found guilty.

Kueng and Thao’s sentencing comes about a week after PEOPLE confirmed that Lane, 39, だった に判決 2.5 連邦刑務所での年. Chauvin, 46, だった に判決 21 連邦刑務所での年 今月上旬.

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george floyd

george floyd

In the Wednesday release, Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division said, “All four officers involved in the tragic death of George Floyd have now been convicted in federal court, sentenced to prison and held accountable for their crimes.

George Floyd’s death could have been prevented if these defendants had carried out their affirmative duty to intervene to stop another officer’s use of deadly force,” 彼女は付け加えた. “While these defendants have now been held accountable, law enforcement officers and leaders must take seriously the affirmative duty under the Constitution to intervene to stop misconduct by fellow officers and the duty to render medical aid.

The federal prosecution of all officers tied to the death of George Floyd should send a clear and powerful message that the Department of Justice will never tolerate the unlawful abuse of power or victimization of Americans by anyone in law enforcement,” 彼女は結論を下した.

District of Minnesota U.S. Attorney Andrew M. Luger said Thao and Kuengfailed to take any actionwhen it came to helping prevent “NS agonizing death of Mr. フロイド,” 追加する, “These sentences reaffirm that every law enforcement officer, whether rookie or senior, has an affirmative duty to protect individuals in their custody.

関連動画: Derek Chauvin Sentenced to 22.5 Years in Prison for Murder of George Floyd

フロイド, 46, was killed on May 25, 2020, while being detained by the officers for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill at a corner Minneapolis market.

Chauvin pleaded guilty in December 2021 to related federal charges of violating Floyd’s civil rights, 数か月後 his conviction in state court for killing Floyd resulted in a sentence of 22 and a half years in prison.

The latter’s conviction followed a prosecution that replayed over and over what millions around the world saw, propelling them into the streets in protest: bystander video of Chauvin, his hands in his pockets and his sunglasses perched atop his head, with Floyd underneath him and crying out for his dead mother as he repeatedly gasped, “I can’t breathe.

Prosecutors said that as Chauvin maintained that position, Lane held Floyd’s feet, Kueng knelt on Floyd’s back and Thao held back bystanders who objected as the scene unfolded.

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