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The Masked Singer Names Its 2 Finalists After Ousted Contestant Dedicates Performance to Bob Saget

This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of O cantor mascarado.

Unlike a Ação de graças plate, which can be loaded up with as many dishes as you want, only two acts could advance on Thursday’s Cantor mascarado semi-finals.

Judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger e Robin Thicke helped decide which act — between Lambs, Harp or Snowstorm — would go home to the finals.

Harp kicked off the Thanksgiving episode by sharing who she feels grateful for: her mom.

My mom and myself are very alike,” Harp said in her clue package. “She was a singer just like me. She’s like my rock.

The package also showed a #1 trophy. “If I had a handful of people the way that my mom believes in me, I know that I could soar so far because that woman thinks I can do anything,” Harp continued. “And I want to win this for her.



Michael Becker / FOX

Harp brought the energy with Lizzo’sAbout Damn Time.

You could sing the phonebook and make me cry with a voice like that,” McCarthy, 50, disse. Scherzinger, 44, deemed itthe best performance of the entire season.

For an additional clue, a turkey brought out a picture of Oprah Winfrey.

“Então, when I met Oprah for the first time, I brought my mom with me and was going to introduce her,” Harp recalled. “But before I did, she said ‘helloand already knew her name. You know you’ve made it when Oprah knows your name and your mom’s name.

The judges tossed out Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson, Amber Riley e Jordin Sparks, as possibilities for Harp.

Snowstorm brushed up on stage next.

I always dreamed of being a pop star,” Snowstorm said in her clue package that featured a movie ticket and a “VIVER” sign. “When I was in high school, I was taking voice lessons and one day, my mom said she got a call from my voice teacher saying, ‘I’m sorry but your daughter doesn’t have ‘it.'



Michael Becker / FOX

Snowstorm dedicated her somber performance of Katy Perry'S “Thinking of Youto her voice teacher. “Proving you wrong one day has kept me going all these years,” ela disse.

Thicke, 45, called the Perry cover Snowstorm’sbest vocal performance.

For her additional clue, a parade of balloons spelling outsquigglyarrived on stage, referring to season 4’s Squiggly Monster (o atrasado Bob Saget).

Squiggly Monster was a dear friend of mine and is no longer with us,” Snowstorm said. “And it feels really weird to cry with this voice, but he was the reason that I decided to do the show. Because his experience was just so rewarding and I’m so glad he got to have it before he passed away. My performances have been for him, whether he would want that or not.

Comediantes Whitney Cummings, Nikki Glaser e Kristen Wiig arose as possibilities for Snowstorm’s identity.

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Lambs followed up by discussing how thankful they feel to be singing alongside one another again.

The white fluffy prairie animals talked about hitting it big in their younger years. “And even though we’re incredibly grateful, we were so burnt out that we started to have issuesone of the Lambs explained. “And it was just very sad.

UMA “platinum classboarding bass and aforever friendsbook popped up in the clue package as well.

When we reunited it was like no time had passed,” another Lamb said.

The trio hoped to win O cantor mascarado Porque “we have won a few other awards in our lives, but it’s been a very, há muito tempo,” um disse.

Lambs The Masked Singer

Lambs The Masked Singer

Michael Becker / FOX

Lambs sang Lady A’sNeed You Now,” which Jeong, 53, found to bethe most authentic performance of the evening.

Their additional clue: a palavra “reunion.

For a long time, I didn’t think that we would be singing together on a stage ever again,” the Lamb dressed in pink said. “But I never gave up on the three of us getting back together and it’s unthinkable of us not to be signing together again for the rest of our lives.

The judges hypothesized that Lambs could be All Saints, the Spice Girls ou Wilson Phillips.

Once each act performed solo, they went up against one another in a three-way Battle Royale, putting their spin on Kelly Clarkson'S “Since U Been Gone.Snowstorm rocked out with it, Harp offered up a sultry rendition and Lambs countryfied the hit.

The panel and studio audience voted for their favorite performer and as a result, hospedeiro Nick Cannon announced Harp and Lambs would be the moving onto the finals. That left Snowstorm to unmask, and McCarthy’s guess of comedian Glaser turned out to be correct. O Welcome Home Nikki Glaser Estrela, 38, appeared under the sparkly flakes.

Nikki Glaser, Snowstorm on The Masked Singer

Nikki Glaser, Snowstorm on The Masked Singer

Jamie McCarthy / Getty; Michael Becker / FOX

It was the first dream I ever had in wanting to be a performer,” Glaser said of why she came on the show. “And it was squashed at such a young age and it just became something that was not attainable to me. So when this opportunity came up it was so perfect.

O FBoy Island host hopes to continue making music beyond O cantor mascarado.

This show really allowed me to forget all of the insecurities I had around singing and really explore my voice,” ela disse. “And it’s something I’m so excited to keep doing after this.

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O cantor mascarado vai ao ar às quartas-feiras às 8 PM. ET na Fox.