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Amal Clooney Says Twins Think Dad George Clooney Is the ‘Funniest Person They Ever Met

Amal Clooney Says Twins Think George Clooney Is the 'Funniest Person They Ever Met

Amal Clooney Says Twins Think George Clooney Is the 'Funniest Person They Ever Met

Foto: Paul Morigi/Getty

George Clooney is soaking up the time in his life when his kids think he’s cool.

Parlando con Extra on Saturday night as one of the honorees del 2022 Lode al Kennedy Center, il Biglietto per il paradiso stella, 61, talked about what he and wife Amal Clooney‘s 5-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander, think of his latest accolade.

“Loro sono 5, so right now, I am golden,” disse con una risata.

“Dicono, ‘Papa can fix everything but the weather,’ ” Amal noted, confirming the sentiment. “He can solve all of their problems and is the funniest person they have met.

Added Clooney, “We know that will change, but right now I’m golden.

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The human rights lawyer, 44, appeared on a panel in New York City in October to launch theGet Her There campaign where she spoke about how her twins Ella and Alexander inspire her work in advocacy.

Speaking to fellow panelists Michelle Obama e Melinda French Gates, Amal noted that her kids are thereal driving forcebehind her work with the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

While Amal shared that her young kids aren’tquite on top of current events,” her son Alexander did take note of some of his mom’s recent advocacy work.

My son drew a picture the other day of a prison, e lui era come, ‘Putin should be here,’ ” lei ha condiviso, noting that she is currentlyworking on Ukrainian affairs.

amal clooney, george clooney

amal clooney, george clooney

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I do think about in a few years when they’re more than 5 when they start to learn about some of these issues that we’re talking about and what’s happening in the world,” lei ha continuato.

“Sai, when they ask us, ‘What did you do about this? What did you say about that?’ I’ve thought about what will my answer be, and I hope it will be a good one.

When George spoke with Intrattenimento stasera at the Roybal School of Film and Television Production Magnet in September to discuss the Los Angeles magnet school he founded, he was asked about the potential of the twins getting into acting.

They can do whatever they want,” George said. “My guess is that they’re a little smarter than me, così, they’ll probably do something — they already speak three languages, così, I’m still working on English.