トラビスバーカーは「とても甘くて愛情深い’ コートニーカーダシアンの子供たちに向けて, ソースは言う

Travis Barker Is 'So Sweet and Loving' Toward Kourtney Kardashian's Children, ソースは言う

トラビス・バーカー is in the running for father of the year!

ソースは人々にそれを伝えます コートニー・カーダシアン is not onlyhead over heels in lovewith the Blink-182 drummer, 46, because he’shot and attractive,” but because of the way he treats her three kids: 石工, 12, ペネロペ, 9, と統治, 7, 彼女が元と共有している人 スコット・ディシック.

“彼はとても優しくて彼女と彼女の子供たちを愛しています,” ソース共有. “彼らの家族も簡単にそしてうまく混ざり合った, そして、彼らは皆とてもうまくやっています。”

While Kardashian, 42, and her rocker fiancé had been friends long before they began a romantic relationship, the insider explains that the カーダシアン家のお騒がせについていく star really fell for Barker because of his relationship with his own children.

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She fell for Travis because he’s such a there-for-his-kids father,” ソースは続く. “He has a huge heart.

Barker shares stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya, 22 (whose father is legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya), daughter Alabama, 誰が向きを変えた 16 クリスマスイブに, と息子のランドン, 18, with ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

The musician regularly posts pictures of his blended family spending time together on social media.

十一月に, Barker and Kardashian — who got engaged the month prior in a romantic, beachside proposal at the Rosewood Miramar in Montecito, California — took their kids on a family trip to Mexico to celebrate the drummer’s birthday, and the couple has taken their kids to Disneyland together on multiple occasions.

関連動画: コートニー・カーダシアン とトラビスバーカーは彼女の娘ペネロペと甘いTikTokを作ります, 9

Earlier in December, Alabama posted a TikTok video featuring Kardashian’s niece, [object Window], 8, and the Poosh founder’s daughter, ペネロペ. All three of Barker’s kids also publicly congratulated the pair on their engagement in October.