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Julgamento de pornografia infantil de Josh Duggar: Prosecution Emphasizes ‘AbusedChildren in Opening Arguments

Julgamento de pornografia infantil de Josh Duggar: Prosecution Emphasizes 'Abused' Children in Opening Arguments

The opening arguments in Josh Duggar‘s child sexual abuse material tentativas began Wednesday morning, with both the prosecution and defense outlining how they will argue their cases.

Orvalho, 33, foi acusado de receber e possuir material de abuso sexual infantil. Ele se declarou inocente to the charges following his April arrest.

O 19 Crianças e contando alúmen, que anteriormente enfrentou um escândalo de abuso sexual infantil, foi acusado de baixando arquivos retratando abuso sexual infantil em maio 14, 15 e 16 do 2019 no computador em seu então local de trabalho, um lote de carros usados ​​em Arkansas.

Assistente dos EUA. Attorney Dustin Roberts, speaking on behalf of the prosecution, kicked off Wednesday’s proceeding.

Throughout the trial, you’re going to see images of minors, not actors, not actresses — children, some as young as seven years of age,” Roberts disse. “These children are being abused.

Roberts described some of the videos that were allegedly downloaded, which he said included one photo of a 14-year-old girl and another of two girls, envelhecido 7 para 9, being sexually assaulted. And among the 65 images that Duggar allegedly downloaded, Roberts disse, was a lewd photograph of a girl around the same age in a cage.

He then pointed at Duggar and added, “These are the very images and files the defendant Joshua James Duggar was downloading.

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar
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Roberts went on to say that the government will present evidence linking Duggar to the desktop at Wholesale Motors, claiming that he was the only person being paid to work at the car lot during the time that the child sexual abuse material was allegedly downloaded.

Roberts also said that family friend Jim Holt will testify that Duggar spoke to him about how to install a Linux partition, which was the program used on the computer in question to effectively split the hard drive in two.

One of the Homeland Security agents investigating the case, Gerald Faulkner, previously testified that the computer also had software called Covenant Eyes on it, which monitored internet activity and would send a report to Duggar’s wife Anna if any kind of pornography was downloaded.

Using the partition would have blocked Covenant Eyes from working, Faulkner said back in May.

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The prosecution also said the partitioned part of the computer had a different password from the main hard drive, one that Duggar allegedly used for other personal accounts and that included his birth year, 1988.

Roberts then went back to the time Homeland Security agents executed a search warrant on Wholesale Motors in November 2019 and interviewed Duggar inside one of the law enforcement vehicles.

At that very moment, he actually pivoted in his seat and looked at the agents and said, ‘So what guys, is someone downloading child pornography?’ ” Roberts claimed to jurors during his opening statements.

One of Duggar’s defense attorneys, Justin Gelfand, then presented his opening argument.

If you like a good mystery, then this is the case for you,” Gelfand began, adding that the defense is looking to dispute the government’s claim that it had to be Duggar who was at the computer and that law enforcement should have investigated other suspects.

The actual forensic trail presents more questions than answers,” Gelfand said.

He said the defense has an expert witness who will testify that the Linux partition was installed using a process Gelfand claims was too advanced for Duggar to have done.

No disrespect to Josh, who I have enormous respect for, he’s not a computer genius,” he said at one point.

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He also said Duggar wasnot savvy enoughto install the partition and thata number of people used this work computer.

Gelfand said the expert witness will additionally testify that one day before the child sexual abuse material was allegedly downloaded, em maio 13, a thumb drive was plugged into the computer. He claimed there’s no evidence the thumb drive belonged to Duggar, suggesting someone else was using the device.

Mais tarde, no entanto, he said the defense will also show that the internet at the car lot was “vulnerável” and that someone could have downloaded the material remotely.

duggar family

duggar family
Josh Duggar

He also brought up that Homeland Security initially had the wrong address from the internet company when they went to serve the warrant to Duggar at Wholesale Motors in November 2019 and had to then adjust the warrant after arriving at the incorrect location.

The prosecution has said this was simply the case of a wrong address, but Gelfand said law enforcement should have further investigated the first location.

This is the equivalent of a trail of blood from a murder scene … elas [the prosecution] didn’t follow it,” Gelfand told jurors. “It does not lead to Josh Duggar.

There’s so much more to this case than the prosecution wants you to believe,” ele acrescentou mais tarde. “We’re going to investigate this case because they didn’t.

Following the opening arguments on Wednesday, the prosecution began to call their witnesses.

Se condenado pelas acusações contra ele, Duggar faces up to 20 anos de prisão e até $250,000 em multas em cada uma das duas contagens para uma frase total possível de 40 anos, de acordo com um comunicado de imprensa dos EUA em abril. Gabinete do Procurador no Distrito Ocidental de Arkansas.

His trial is expected to last five to six days.

Se você suspeita de abuso infantil, Ligue para a Linha Direta Nacional de Abuso Infantil da Childhelp no número 1-800-4-A-Child ou 1-800-422-4453, ou vá para Todas as ligações são gratuitas e confidenciais. A linha direta está disponível 24/7 em mais de 170 línguas.

Se você ou alguém que você conhece foi vítima de abuso sexual, texto “FORÇA” para a linha de texto da crise em 741-741 conectado a um conselheiro de crise certificado.