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Joshua Bassett dice che "ha subito molti abusi sessuali"’ da bambino e da adolescente: "L'ho seppellito finora"’

Joshua Bassett Says He 'Experienced Sexual Abuse a Lot' as a Child and Teen: 'I Buried It So Far'

Joshua Bassett is continuing to heal from childhood trauma.

In a touching intervista con GQ, the singer — who released a trio of emotional songs on Friday — revealed that he was sexually abused both as a child and as a teenager. He also shared that he hopes sharing his story will help others heal from their own trauma.

“Ho subito molti abusi sessuali nella mia infanzia,” the 20-year-old told GQ. “Non me lo ricordavo fino all'anno scorso, che è abbastanza folle. L'ho seppellito finora.”

Ha aggiunto, “E quando ero adolescente, un uomo molto più anziano ha regolarmente abusato di me, e non sono stato in grado di vederlo per quello che era in quel momento.”

Nell'intervista, he said the track “Liberarmi” also refers to his journey of processing the trauma he endured at his abuser’s hand.

“[Suo] an anthem for me and the sort of people who’ve held pain and power over me my whole life,” Egli ha detto, before referring to the song lyric: “You’ve taken so much from me but you don’t get to take all of me.

Il “Crisi” singer also explained that he plans to explore the issue of childhood sexual abuse further on aheavy talkspodcast that willhopefully help people who are experiencing that.

Suo “the podcast that I wish I had when I was a kid,” Egli ha detto, before adding that he’s nowso much stronger than I was before.

Bassett has been played off as a villain over the last year following the release of Olivia rodrigo‘s song “Olivia Rodrigo celebra il primo anniversario della "patente di guida" della canzone di successo,” which is speculated to be about the two Musical al liceo stelle’ relazione. Nel GQ colloquio, he said thatpeople haven’t seen me as a human beingover the past year.

Joshua Bassett

Joshua Bassett
Joshua Bassett
| Credito: Luke Rogers/GQ

Bassett said that he hasa right to stand up for myself,” ed è “gladthat it took him this long to release the songs “Crisi,” “Segreto” e “Liberarmi,” which were written six months ago.

I finally found the courage to speak up for myself,” Egli ha detto. “I’m not here to expose people. It was eating me alive, and I couldn’t keep it in anymore.

While he remained coy about the songssubjects, he did admit that “Crisi” is aboutall the crazy PR over the year.

The track features lyrics like: “And honestly I didn’t want to write this / Don’t know if I can / Still holding back, still want to run / And if you get to tell your truth then so do I / And it’s cool if you want me to play the bad guy / But don’t you dare act like I didn’t love you.

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