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Lo zoo di San Francisco ospita tre pulcini pappagallo salvati dai contrabbandieri: 'Splendidi uccelli’

Lo zoo di San Francisco ospita tre pulcini pappagallo salvati dai contrabbandieri: 'Beautiful Birds'

Three parrots have moved into the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens after the trio was smuggled into the United States.

Di lunedi, the California zoo announced that it took in three 12-week-old yellow-crowned Amazon parrot chicks after the authorities confiscated the birds from smugglers. The parrot species is native to South America, Panama, and Trinidad and Tobago, and is a popular exotic pet due to the bird’s high intelligence and ability to mimic what people say.

“All'arrivo, our veterinary staff gave the chicks an initial health check-up and found them to be healthy,” disse lo zoo Facebook alongside a photo of the parrots. “At 12-weeks-old, the chicks are playful and curious and are still being hand-fed by animal care staff but starting to eat food on their own and becoming more independent.

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These beautiful birds were confiscated at the point of entry into the U.S. and placed here by NOI. Fish and Wildlife Service,” la dichiarazione ha continuato. “Sfortunatamente, birds native to South and Central America that are illegally smuggled represent one of the largest threats to South American birds.

Yellow-crowned Amazon parrots have a life expectancy between 60 e 80 anni, meaning caring for one of the birds is often a lifetime commitment. When parrot chicks are smuggled internationally, they are typically shipped in containers with poor ventilation and kept without water.

Our very own South American Tropical Rainforest exhibit focuses on the ongoing crisis created by wildlife trafficking, as illegal smuggling has threatened the very existence of many animal and plant species,” lo zoo ha aggiunto. “We are happy to provide a home for these beauties!”

The three rescued parrot chicks will remain at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens but won’t be out on exhibit until they have matured, the zoo announced.