A newborn baby was found dead inside a duffel bag outside of a Chicago fire station early Saturday morning, 当局によると.

The grim discovery was made around 5 午前. on Saturday outside of a station on the 1000 block of North Orleans Street, the Chicago Police Department tells PEOPLE in a statement.

The body was found when the firehouse crew went outside that morning to shovel snow, によると シカゴトリビューン. The newspaper also reported that the duffel bag was found covered in snow.

It is not yet clear how long the newborn had been outside.

Fire officials say that there was not an attempt to contact anybody inside the station, an action that could have saved the newborn’s life, によると シカゴトリビューン.

Following the discovery, the Chicago Fire Department issued a reminder on social media about the Illinois Safe Haven Law, which makes it possible for newborns to be left with workers at designated safe places with質問はありません and no judgement given.

There is no risk to the person being identified or questioned. You can knock on the door, ring the bell, get our attention, we will take the child from you, thank you and you’re on your way,” Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford told the newspaper.

でも, Langford stressed that in order for the system to work, it’s imperative for parents tohave contact with someone.

Under no circumstances do we want people to leave children outside. And because of the way the Safe Haven Law is written, you may hand the child directly to a staff member or Fire Department member — they won’t ask for your name, they won’t ask for identification, they won’t question you at all, which is far better than leaving the child outside,” Langford added.

Passed in 2001, 法律 “offers a safe, legal option to unsafe infant abandonment,” による Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, which spent over a decade advocating for the legislation. Per the law, unharmed newborns up to 30 days old may be handed to workers at designated locations — including hospitals, emergency care facilities as well as police and fire stations — without fear of legal prosecution for the parents.

でも, the parents of the late newborn will now potentially face arrest and charges, officials told the ニューヨークヤンキース外野手ジェラルドウィリアムズデッドアット.

Chicago police tell PEOPLE that the Cook County Medical Examiner and Area Three Detectives are investigating. No further information has been released at this time.

ストーリーを見逃すことはありません—サインアップしてください の無料の週刊ニュースレター 毎週金曜日に受信トレイに配信される週の最大のニュースを取得するには.

“私は無言です. I don’t know what to say anymore. I want to scream and yell,” Dawn Geras, founder and executive director of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, told WLS.

It makes me feel like I failed,” Geras added. “There was one other woman out there who didn’t know about the law or how to use it, そのため, there’s a dead baby on the door steps of a fire house. It shouldn’t happen.

Since the law passed, 143 babies had been taken to a Safe Haven location, による シカゴ・トリビューン. でも, during the same time period, 87 babies were found illegally abandoned, と 51% of those newborns died.

Illegal abandonment has decreased over the years, but one baby death like this is way too many,” Geras told the newspaper. “People don’t think about [法律] until something like this happens.