クリス・ジェンナーが孫娘シカゴの4歳の誕生日を祝う: 「あなたは私たちにとても多くの喜びをもたらします’

Kris Jenner Celebrates Granddaughter Chicago's 4th Birthday: 'You Bring Us So Much Joy'

クリス・ジェンナー is wishing her granddaughter a “魔法の” 四歳の誕生日.

ジェンナー, 66, posted a loving tribute to シカゴ・ウェスト — the younger daughter of キム・カーダシアンカニエ・ウェスト — on インスタグラム Saturday to celebrate her granddaughter turning four years old.

機会を記念して, Jenner shared a collection of photos featuring herself and her granddaughter. 最初のスナップで, she and Chicago pose for a black-and-white portrait, while in the second, Chicago stands outside alone smiling while holding a popsicle.

Jenner included photos of herself holding Chicago, her granddaughter playing with a puppy, and Chicago dressing up as a princess. Jenner’s collection also featured sweet family moments like a photo of herself and Chicago with Kardashian, 40, and another with Jenner’s own mom and Chicago’s great-grandma, MJ.

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“私の美しい孫娘シカゴへの誕生日おめでとう!!!!,” Jenner wrote in the caption of her post. “あなたは最も甘い精神を持ち、いつも最も優しい小さな声であなたの顔に最もかわいい小さな笑顔を浮かべ、あなたの貴重な笑いはどこにいても明るくなります!”

“あなたはとても素晴らしい姉妹です, 娘, 孫娘, いとこと姪っ子で、あなたが今4歳だなんて信じられない!,” 彼女は続けた. “あなたは毎日私たちにたくさんの喜びと幸せをもたらしてくれます。”

Jenner ended her post by writing, “大好きだよチチ!!!!! 最も魔法のような一日を!!”

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Chicago is one of Jenner’s 10 孫. She is also grandma to 詩篇, 2, NS, 3, , 3, , 5, 聖人, 6, 治世, 7, , 8, ペネロペ, 9, と 石工, 12. She is about to become a grandmother of 11 when her daughter カイリー・ジェンナー gives birth to her second child.

Kris often posts sweet messages to mark her family membersbirthdays on social media. 彼女 共有 a similarly heartfelt shoutout last year when Chicago turned three.

Happy birthday to my precious little angel Chicago! You are the best daughter, the best granddaughter, the best sister, the best cousin and I’m so proud of you!” アレクシス・ヘインズはブラウンウィン・ウィンダムと付き合っています-バークの元夫との「オープンマリッジ」で 書きました 当時の.

彼女は付け加えた, “You are such a bright light and I am beyond thankful to God that He chose me to be your Grandmother!!! I cherish every memory we make. I love you so very much XOXO Lovey.