Teen Mom's Cheyenne Floyd Calls Co-Parenting with Ex Cory Wharton a 'Never-Ending Rollercoaster'

シャイアンフロイド is getting candid about her experience as a mom of two and how she makes co-parenting work with her ex Cory Wharton.

While speaking exclusively with PEOPLE about Nails by Ryder K, her nail polish brand with 4-year-old daughter ライダー, NS ティーン・マム スター, 29, について開く “課題” of co-parenting with Wharton and gives an update on her new baby boy Ace Terrel, whom she shares with fiancé Zach Davis.

Co-parenting is a never-ending rollercoaster ride that I’m on,” she says of sharing daughter Ryder with Wharton. “And sometimes we’re smooth sailing, and then there’s up, there’s down. There’s a death drop. I’m like ‘When is it ever going to end?’ But it’s not.

Floyd continues, “Parenting is a challenge always, but we make it work. Keeping Ryder first is always the goal. And that’s how we’ve always gotten through any argument or disagreement.

The reality star says she also credits Davis and Wharton’s girlfriend Taylor Selfridge にとって “being good co-parents with us,” 追加する, “It takes a lot out of all of us, and we have to put a lot of pride to the side. But we make it work for the kids.

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5月, Floyd and Davis 彼らの最初の子供を歓迎した, son Ace, sharing the exciting news on Instagram. “Life is complete, all praises to the most high,” 彼女 書きました キャプションで, posting a series of Polaroids of the family before and after welcoming their new addition.

He’s such a good baby,” Floyd tells PEOPLE of the newborn. “I feel like he’s just made this transition so much easier than what I thought it was going to be. I had a lot of anxiety, and I was very, very nervous to be a mom of two. And Ace has made it really okay.

I think that with Ryder, she’s just a very helpful child, very loving child. I was nervous that she wasn’t going to be able to understand sharing mommy’s attention, but she’s done really good,” 彼女は付け加えます. “So I have zero complaints, except when I’m covered in spit-up and being peed on.

Also launched in May was Nails by Ryder K, a unisex nail polish line created by Floyd, her mother Margaret and her toddler daughter.

It sounds weird to say because she’s only four, しかし [ライダー] kept on telling me, ‘I want to do something. I want to share something.And that was her way of trying to explain to me that she wanted to sell a product,” Floyd recalls of her daughter. “So we took her to Target, and had her walk around and point out things that she liked.

The reality star says when her daughter came upon the nail polish section, “彼女は,’ これです. I want my own nail polish.’ “




左: クレジット: courtesy Cheyenne Floyd
右: クレジット: courtesy Cheyenne Floyd

It is truly her business,” Floyd says, explaining that her daughterpicked her own logos, picks her own colors” と “names her own colors.

Ryder knows she’s the boss, and I’m basically a worker,” the mom of two teases.

I love that I get to teach her at such a young age what it is to be an entrepreneur. You’re never too young to start,” 彼女は共有します. “So it makes me feel really good as a mother that I’m instilling in her all these good attributes.